Vlingo : Customer Service Number , Reviews and Features

For those who do not know Vlingo, here’s a little introduction: according to the Wall Street Journal, it’s an application that does everything you want. It’s like I’m your virtual assistant. Speak “Send a torpedo to Felipe, and then, okay?” and Vlingo will promptly and smoothly respond to your request. Ask him to find some good Italian restaurant in the vicinity of his current location and he will. In fact, it’s those apps that catch the attention of those who like to challenge the “cognition” ability of machines, in the case here, of Android smart phones.

Vlingo for iPhone is an application for speech recognition. In this way the interaction with the Terminal is easy to give orders. You communicate by voice with the mobile device whether you want to make a call to a contact or need to dictate notes and you can even order the search of what you need on the Internet with keywords. You use your voice with the device to dictate text messages to write messages on the Face Book or Twitter social network.

This allows users to view the internal log of the Android system. After deleting some data from Vlingo, the application initiated a connection to multiple servers in the United States, and once the connection was established, it started to send them personal data, such as the telephone identification number and its location at that time.

It is quite obvious that Vlingo needs this data in order to operate effectively. So far we do not see any problem. After all, how would a voice application work that gives spatial coordinates to its users without knowing what their real location is? The big problem is that the steps that must be taken to have such important information, such as a user’s current location, reach these servers is that it did not sound very good to us: such data was sent in the form of an encrypted URL without the user who has purchased Vlingo has received any request for authorization to send those data.

Vlingo allows us to control certain aspects of the phone (such as opening applications, making calls or sending messages and emails) by voice, but adds a new dimension to voice control by having excellent integration with three of the most important social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. For each of them we find specific commands that allow us to publish updates or know the location of our contacts (Foursquare).

So if you have any issue regarding Vlingo then call us at our Vlingo customer service number, we are here to sort out all of your issues related to Vlingo.