Turkey Meme: A meme icon since the beginning of time

Memes are a quick stress buster, which everybody loves these days. Memes are wonderful combinations of images, videos, or short gifs, which are meant to spread humour with the minimum possible words or just through expression. There are many memes that have become viral and made certain people popular just like that. People are quite crazy about these memes as they create connections with friends just like that. One such popular meme was created in Turkey, which is not to be mistaken for the country of Turkey.

Turkey the bird not the country.

There is no need to confuse it with the country, Turkey. This meme has been a shining star on social media since the early 2016s, which was considered to be the dawn of memes on social media. Turkey is not the country that is frequently used in memes, but rather the turkey that is eaten on special occasions.Almost all the memes that are made about this bird are rather food-friendly or the eves whenever these birds are required.

What’s the reason behind Turkey meme?

These memes are basically related to the type of bird which tastes like chicken and is larger than average chicken. Turkeys are the big birds found on the North American continent that are famous for being eaten on special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. The memes designed so far are funny, and the humour is supported through the texts on the image of a group of turkey birds gathered, discussing various topics. These memes are loaded with funny pictures and sarcastic text as well. All the memes on this bird are about the funny conversation and sarcasm of the creators, which is shown in the dialogues of the birds as they have to get slaughtered for special occasions.

The popularity extent of turkey meme

But not everyone is aware of these memes because the bird is basically related to North America. So, turkey memes are not largely popular, especially outside North America. This seems obvious as the birds are native to this part of the world, so the memes are more popular and connected here. These memes only start to commence when it is either Thanksgiving or Christmas, when this large bird is cooked whole and shared among the family and friends. These memes are circulated whenever these festivals are around the corner. Though these memes are not widely circulated, they appear to be shared on social media during Thanksgiving or Christmas.If we say that people love these memes occasionally, then this will be a true statement as these memes are meant for some special occasion only and their popularity is restricted to those occasions only.

Turkey meme are totally acceptable

All the memes about Turkey are not at all related to the country of Turkey but rather to the huge, tasty bird species that call Turkey home. The main reason why these memes are popular during those festivals is that they do not offend any particular group of people and have a sarcastic tone, which is why they are circulated only during the special eves, which makes this meme acceptable by all and not offending or hurting anyone so far. The birds are not able to communicate, as in the fact, if we consider them to get offended, it is not possible. Moreover, many people eat various kinds of meat, such as chicken, beef, pork, and many more. There is no offence to these memes as they do not promote any kind of aggression towards these birds, but rather they focus on the sarcastic, humorous conversations that the birds might have between them.

Funny Turkey memes and challenges

There was a challenge that became a meme, which is really nothing but people posting screenshots from their phones of an alleged conversation between them and their parents or guardians asking about how to cook turkey and sharing the screenshot showing the funny answers they were getting.

There are people who are playing different characters with the turkey bird and showing some sarcastic conversation from the bird to the humans which is creating a humourous touch to the festival. So people, the meme is harmless and not hurning anyone’s feelings. So just have fun and enjoy the memes.

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