Top things to do in Ramanagara


Ramanagara, also earlier known as Close-pet, is a shrubby small town located on the outskirts of city Bangalore. The effective distance from Karnataka’s capital city Bangalore to Ramanagara is about 50-55 km/s, depending upon the routes taken. The town’s name is derived from the located Rama-giri Hills and the district of similar sounding name, has recently been carved out from the Bangalore rural district area.

Ramanagara district is a beautiful place filled with dense wildlife, hilly and plain terrain. A major geographical feature of this region is the preponderant boulders of granite from the so-called lower Proterozoic era. The rivers Cauvery, Arkavaathi and Kaanva also flow slithering through this district. There are around 823 villages in the district.

Of many things of keen interest is the sporadic scenic areas, for which this place is heavily known for and would remain in a state of permanence, and it is that this site of, has been used for shooting of one of the great Bollywood classics of all time. In this sense, Ramanagara is a movie star. It is highly known and favored for being the location of shooting where the Bollywood classic movie ‘Sholay’ was shot, and made. However, one must not assume this to be the end of the story, no it is not the only film shot here. Another film, though not Bollywood, but the great David Lean’s film ‘A Passage to India’ has been famously also shot here, in the middle of the rough and scratchy boulders in the backdrop of the terrain.

Yet, it is quite surprising to know for the tourists, that sightseeing is not the only thing, which the tourists could do, during their time in Ramanagara, near Bangalore.

Night Trekking in deeps of Ramanagara

On the Ramanagara trek at night is one of the most adorable things to do in the location, which is known for its shrubberies and dryness. There are many domestic tour companies that offer day trekking and hiking packages. However, one night you can enjoy the beauty of nature in detail as you are invited to look at what’s right in front of them. One can gaze at the beautiful stars above as self to make their way through the darkness. One can also set up camping entities, with a bonfire to warm oneself, while one relaxes in the great outdoors.

Rock Climbing on the sterling famous Sholay Hill

Ramadevara Betta Hills gained a lot of prominence, all goes to the film shoots that took place here over the recurring years. Situated in Sugganahalli mired in the Ramanagara district about 50-55 kms from the city of Bangalore, depending on the routes taken, the hill gained height to great fame and prominence, when it was used as Gabber Singh’s hideout in the classic film of Bollywood called, ‘Sholay’. Since then these Ramanagara hills are also famously known as the Sholay Hill of the south.

Biking and lovable Trekking at Mekedatu

At Mekedatu, trekkers can find a unique haven as there is so much natural glamor to explore. Biking in the area has already grown to be a popular activity among the visitors as the roads are almost completely jilted. Visitors can also check out the Chunchi Falls which is about 17-20 kms from here, depending upon routes taken. Swimming also could be taken as leisure in the waters at Mekedatu, but it is not advised as the currents are vehement in their disposition.

Abseiling at The Sri Revana Siddeshwara Betta

Revanna Siddeshwara Betta, also known by the name as the SRS-Hills, is located about 65 kms away from Bangalore and 14 kms from Ramanagara town. It is famous for its rock climbing sports and other activities like rappelling (or abseiling), canoeing, and dancing rain etc.

There are three temples on the SRS-Hills namely Sri Revana Siddeshwara temple of which the most popular, Bheemeshwara and Renukamba temple. Visitors can check out the SRS-Hills at any time during the whole day and one added advantage is that there is no entry fee inside it.

Adventure Camping in Ramanagara

The Ramanagara Adventure Camp is indeed, no doubt, a fully exciting place to visit. The camp, which can be reached by road, is nestled amidst the lush and dense greenery of Ramanagra’s reserve forest near the famous SRS-Hills, on the banks of Rangarayaara Dodi lake about 35 kms from the city Bangalore. Here, one can enjoy formidable sorts of activities like kayaking and boating on the beautiful lake, trek and rappel on the rocky and shrubby mountains. Some other activities for you visitors to enjoy are slacklining, Burma bridge, water roller ride, river crossing, water zorbing, trampoline, ziplining tasks, swimming pool, paintball fight, carrom, table tennis, volleyball, cricket, and plenty of other activities. Campers are provided with pillows, cushions, mattresses, and blankets, along with the tents in which they temporarily abide, which, based on the availability, are allocated on the basis of double or triple sharing. The check-in time for the camp is at 4 PM – 5 PM and the check-out time is at 10 AM -11 AM. Visitors will be provided with evening supper and snacks, dinner, breakfast and other foods.

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