Top 10 universities in USA, UK AND EUROPE

Step ahead with better career at top 10 universities in USA, UK and Europe:-

Education is the pillar to every individual’s identity. There are good number of educational institutes and universities offering with different subjects delivering a step ahead to global education. The universities across the developed countries like USA, UK and Europe stand ahead universally to provide with best of their education not just in graduate and post graduate courses, but at the same time they do provide with chances of higher education as well as professional courses. In this article you can explore about different universities across the countries.

10 best universities in USA, UK and Europe:-

Harvard’s university:-

The university got established in 1638 and is considered to be the oldest higher educational institution across USA. It’s not just the education but its influence, reputation as well as academic excellence has given it priority of being one of the best institutions. There are around 5,877 international students and around 4,646 faculties serving in various departments. The university stands among the top private universities in Cambridge, United States being ranked #5 globally. They provide education in every discipline starting from science to humanities. They stand proudly to serve with best of education since date and are dedicated to provide online education the best possible way.

University of Vienna:-

This is among the best universities across Europe located at Austria. The one is ranked 151 with providing global education. The universities foundation was by Duke Rudolph IV in the year 1365 and it’s considered to be the oldest university in the German speaking world of central Europe. Recently the university entered the ERASMUS Partnership and students from across 130 countries attend with more than 10,000 lectures at the University of Vienna every year. Apart from studies they have enrolled themselves to promote new and innovative fields of research with establishing new and excelling networks between subjects. The university provides with 188 courses of which 56 belongs to bachelor programmes, 117 to master programmes, 4 diploma and 11 PHD programmes. There are around 9,400 employees with 6700 academic faculties serving.

Oxford university:-

The university stands to be the oldest among the English speaking countries. This is considered the best across UK and covers strongest research process covering multiple disciplines. They are outstanding performers right from humanities to medicine.

University of Southampton:-

The university stands 15th overall across UK and out of 22,000 students approximately 34% are international students. The students here are enrolled for 3 years of graduation courses and the university collaborates with the academic institutions globally. This university lies on the south coast of England and provides with various subjects of science, arts and humanities.

Bristol university :-

The university stands best to be the first university in UK providing programmes for sustainability and social progress. It’s the first university to establish drama department and is well appreciated being environmental friendly. It is recognized for being involved into green impact awards and is accredited the fair trade university. It’s located in England and has received its royal charter in 1909. Its root stretches to merchant ventures school that got its foundation in the year 1595. The university offers with under graduate degree program and post graduate degree programs. There are around six recognized faculties in the subject line which are like faculty of arts, engineering, life sciences, health sciences, sciences and law. As per reports, the university is ranked as the 8th highest admission qualification for undergraduate students. Apart from the above it also provide with courses like Msc Management, data sciences and MSc in management of international business.

University of California , Los Angeles ( UCLA):-

The university is marked to be the 31st among best university in the global list. The pass out students from the university is placed among world’s most eligible students to get employed. The university is recognized to be the top one for literature and English language, linguistics and geography, modern languages, electrical and electronic engineering, biological sciences as well as medicines, art and humanities, anthropology and archeology, education and training, mathematics, psychology, chemistry, communication and media studies, life sciences and medicines.

University of Copenhagen , Denmark:-

The university is recognized offering best of research and development related subjects. The university of Copenhagen offers with subjects like social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, environmental studies and earth sciences, medicine and health, business and management, agriculture and forestry, applied sciences and professions, computer science and IT, Arts, designs and architecture, humanities, engineering and technology. The university got identified in the year 1479 and is not just the oldest university of Denmark, but is also the oldest in Northern Europe. Over 200 programmes are offered here fewer than six huge departments. The major motive of the university is devoted to research activities that are financially and potentially independent. The university provides with free basic research with collaboration of different other institutions.

The Utrecht university, Netherlands-

This is one of the best and quite renowned public research universities across Netherlands. It got established on 26th of March in the year 1636. Further it is recorded to have enrolled 31,801 students and have employed 7, 191 faculties in various disciplines.

The university independently stands as one of the esteemed international research university, consistently positioned in the 15th rank across continental Europe. This university offers around 12 English taught bachelor’s programmes with more than 90 English taught masters programmes. The university provides with quality education that stands for personal as well as interactive teaching reflecting critical elements and debates. Apart from that the university programmes also provides with flexibility and a level of choice for students as well as permanent professional development for lecturers.

YALE University, USA:-

The university was founded in the year 1701 and is well considered among private Ivy League research university across NewHaven. This is a 300 years old institution which bears its roots to the 1670’s when the colonial clergymen took its initiative to the foundation of local colleges to preserve the European liberal education. Currently the university consists of fourteen constituent schools including the undergraduate liberal arts college, graduate school of arts and sciences and apart from those 12 professional schools. In addition to that there are 80 major subjects being taught in the undergraduate level and even supplementary programmes are designed to provide students with specialized knowledge in a variety of areas.

LUND University, Sweden:-

The university is one of the prestigious research universities across Sweden and indeed is one of the oldest universities in northern Europe. Its root traces back to 1425 and was officially founded in 1666. It serves with various subjects like humanities and theology, engineering, fine and performing arts, laws, medicine, sciences, social sciences, aviation and economic and management. Apart from that the university focuses majorly on research based programmes in various subjects.

These universities are among the best ones across the European subcontinent and are well known to provide with placement after the completion of various courses.