Top 10 Types of Virtual Events

Today, virtual events have become a vital means for brands, enterprises, and businesses to reach a global audience and enhance their brand value. After the global pandemic affected multiple industries, digital solutions were the only resolution that helped everyone continue their businesses.

What is a Virtual Event?

It is an online format of events that happens over a secure virtual event platform. With the employment of engaging tools and features, a platform provider ensures to connect global attendees and recreate the experiences of a physical environment.

Today, there are several types of virtual and hybrid events that are being hosted in large numbers. Let us learn about the top 10 types of virtual events;

Virtual Conference

Virtual conferences or virtual summits are ideal methods for large companies and enterprises to come together and have discussions on mutual topics. With the use of potent interactive tools, event planners can convert the virtual stage into an effective environment for people to engage and reach global attendees at a time. You can leverage a live chat feature, conduct Q&A sessions, live polls, and surveys to keep your attendees actively engaged. Besides these advantages, an ideal virtual conference platform also helps you with detailed analytics to measure the success of your event.

Virtual Expo

Virtual expos or exhibitions involve a large group of attendees taking part from different remote locations. It is a great opportunity for brands and businesses to display their products, services, and offerings. An effective and customized virtual expo platform uses innovative solutions to showcase the brand’s worth exceptionally. With features like 1:1 and group chat options, exhibitors and attendees can interact and connect seamlessly. Virtual exhibitor’s booth is a unique aspect of online exhibitions that resembles brand stalls of a physical event. At an online expo, these booths are capable of including documents, PDFs, videos, and engaging content to draw more attendees who can become their valuable customers. Online wedding expos, trade shows are some trending events happening in recent times.

Virtual Product Launch Event

Want to launch and new product or showcase a product’s latest features to a large group of people? You can seamlessly choose an all-in-one virtual launch platform, like Dreamcast, to give a 360-degree view of the product. Besides this, the platform can create an immersive 3D environment with impactful digital screens and innovative solutions to leave a lasting impression on attendees. Also, you can include networking rooms where exhibitors and attendees can connect and chat to know more about the product and finalize the deal right then if everything goes well.

Virtual Career Fairs/Job Fairs

There’s a thorough search going on by employers to find the top talent. Virtual job fairs are a great opportunity for employers and job seekers to find their best match from the comfort of their homes. With tools like job boards, real-time chat options, audio & video tools, powerful live assessment tools, you can host a successful online career fair. Organizations can also customize their booths to attract more candidates.


Webinars are one of the popular events that industry experts choose to connect with global speakers or a small group of attendees. You can give a presentation from the comfort of your chosen location over an online platform. Then, you can integrate tools like Q&A sessions and live polls to promote 2-way interactions in real-time. Live interactions are a great way to recreate the scenarios of an in-person meeting.

Virtual Shows

Virtual shows are effective means to replicate the experiences of a physical event by using creative solutions and engaging ideas. There are several types of online shows that are creating a buzz currently. It includes virtual award shows, virtual R&R shows, a virtual magic show, a virtual trade show, and many more. The primary concern to hosting these events successfully is the employment of an all-in-one event solution.
These shows help you enhance the brand value, generate better revenue, earn more sales opportunities, and drive sustainable growth. You can choose to plan an immersive event with stunning 3D designs, a 360-degree view, a virtual lobby, GIFs, and exciting games to deliver life-like event experiences.

Virtual Fest

Virtual fests or virtual festivals are interesting ways of bringing global attendees together at a time. These events include online music festivals, online art festivals, online Christmas celebrations, and more where people can unleash themselves and get into a joyous mood. Through tools like AI matchmaking, private & group chat options, a virtual photo booth, a social wall, and a signature wall, you can add more fun to your event. They are effective means to drive audience engagement even with the gathering coming together virtually.


Want to reach more attendees and expand your brand globally? Live-streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms is the best way to gather more people and generate a buzz and excitement about your event. You can also practice multi-channel live-streaming to ensure maximum participation. Besides this, you can add a live chat function to let attendees submit their questions in real-time.

Virtual Meeting

With the rise of work from home culture, it has become even more important for organizations to make their employees feel more united and connected. Therefore, you should look forward to conducting virtual meetings and virtual townhalls frequently. You can add a live chat tool, screen sharing applications, emoticons, hoot, clap, video & audio features to make these meetings more interactive. Through such online meetings, you can discuss the latest company news & updates, future strategies, and celebrate the notable wins. Hence, it is important to choose your virtual meeting platform very wisely as that will make your team members feel more homely.

Health and wellbeing sessions

With restrictions on gyms and other physical health sessions, people have come with their virtual edition to ensure attendees do not miss out on them following their healthy routine. All you require is the latest event technology that includes appropriate audio, video, and chat tools to make these wellbeing sessions more genuine.

Wrapping Up

We hope the above-mentioned article helps you understand the types of online events that can be hosted. Each event has a unique set of business needs and event requirements, so it is important to identify the best tool that harmonizes with your requirements. It will further help you with better event planning and successful execution.