Top 10 business schools in the world

Explore the top 10 business schools in the world:-

If you are a student from business school, then it’s a pride as you are going to be a responsible citizen who will drive the global economy in some or the other manner. in business schools, students are taught to handle not just the economy but they also become corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. The degree is so well designed to teach students to handle the challenges and run higher businesses successfully.

Globally there are a good number of well known business schools from various universities offering with this degree.

Priority of global education in business administration:-

These are a kind of education which is of serious advantage to the graduates. This is a kind with grooming career ahead because of the business schools globally are providing with an encouraging profile for better scopes in professional level. These best business schools globally are helping world with driving the world economically as well as would produce corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. The graduates are taught to handle every business successfully and more over the courses from these global business schools are going to make students confident and bold enough to handle all kind of situations in their profession.

List of universities and top business schools in the world:-

Here comes a broad list of top business schools that stands strong to provide with best of education as well as professional courses in business.

1.Stanford university:-

The graduate school of business from Stanford stands ahead to be the best performing college for business. This is high ranked and is considered to be the top business schools globally. This is at USA and is recognized globally for its annual and quarterly performances. Its education stands it at 5th rank in the world for business for the year 2021. They are providing with high employability ranking out of which 88% of their graduates perform successfully. They stay confident to find employment within 3 months of graduation without a lot of effort.

2.INSEAD- France/Singapore:-

This ranks to be the 2nd among the top business schools for 2021 globally. This bears excellent students across the globe and the average GMAT score here is 709. This has been ranked the 2nd best business school by the QS world university ranking 2021. The institution is highly rated by their students when it comes to international business, corporate strategy and organizational behavior.


This is otherwise called the china Europe international business school and became popular in 2018. They have retained their position in being the top business school in the world. The maximum GMAT score required for admission here is 720. It bears an employability rate with 94% where the graduates find employment within 3 months of graduation. This has the lowest range of international students.

4.London business school:-

This is one of the top most business schools in the world as being established with an excellent reputation globally. Every year it attracts quality students attending classes both offline and online. in this college around 84% of faculties are from countries other than UK. They receive an average pay of around $ 171,000. The female students make up to 38% of total number of students for their business studies. Maximum of students passed from this college are working in finance and banking sector. For getting admission to this would require an average GMAT score of 730.

5.MIT , SLOAN School of management:-

The business school stood as an international ranker since 2018. Their rank in an average of 3 years is 8 and this is located within the MIT University located in the USA and is quite prestigious with 94% of students graduating from this university. Every year more than 50 % students enroll into this for international business studies.


This stands one of the top business schools globally. This is one of the excellent and high performing institutions from US which made it stand to be among 10 business schools globally. The college stands to be the center of attraction to gather best of students for employment in various international companies. It carries an average GMAT score around 720 and would be ideal for getting enrolled into the business school. It’s also reported that the graduates from this university school are paid with an average package of $ 203,147. The class bears more than 50% of international students. More of it female students account for around 38 % of the total number.

7.HEC , Paris:-

This college has been playing a major rise with making their ranking as 21 in the year 2019 to 19 in 2020 and in the year 2021 it came to 9. There has been a major improvement in the performance of the school and the average GMAT score require is quite low in compared to other top business schools with score at 690. The alumni are rated of more than 8 for a lot of aspects when the programmes are considered. These include corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and many more. There are around 92% of students who have successfully found employment at their best. The students from here are employed in e-commerce, finance/banking and even in consultancy sector.


This stands as one of the top business schools in the world located in USA. They are best among majority of companies with no minimum GMAT requirements for getting admission into the institution. There are international students making up to 42 % of the total number of MBA students. The institute also provides with higher employability rate where students secure employment within 3 months of graduation.


It stands to be the top most business schools across the world and is located in USA. This is ranked to be the sixth most famous business schools in the world as per 2021 records. It’s an elite business schools that have given employability to graduates with ranking of 20 in terms of global employability ranking.


This is one of the most famous private research universities in Durham, North Carolina. Its stands active with providing best of its business education relating to all kind of business oriented subjects. Indeed its GMAT scores are incredible when compared to others.