Teletype Customer Support

Teletype Company is a private limited company based in the U.S.A. It was established in 1981 under the brand name Tele Typesetting Company and is based in Boston. It is specialized in developing software for GPS devices.

Teletype is a software development company which has produced various competitive products for different industries. It has a wide range of products like automatic and commercial GPS system for air, land, and water navigation including GPS receivers and trackers. It also develops and markets the WorldNav software for PC and Windows. It offers tools for converting third-party maps into the WorldNav software. Its GPS software solutions include Window CE and Pocket PC support for vehicle tracking and collecting the data of their geographical locations on a real-time basis. It is also in the consulting domain and provides assistance to the software companies about how to get the source code of their software products.

Overview of Teletype Product Line

  1. GPS Navigation System with Mobile Apps for Commercial Vehicles: Teletype offers a wide range of GPS products for bus drivers, truck drivers. The devices usually are operated on Windows CE operating system and are powered by GPS chipset. WorldNav software is installed on the client’s device to monitor commercial navigation like bridge height, road limits, one-way roads and many more. It is also useful for getting information about petrol pumps, gas stations, truck stop points and weigh stations.
  2. GPS devices for Water, Air, and Land Navigation: Teletype has also non-commercial portable GPS devices which are having more than 12 million points of interest with the separate feature of searching restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, airports and another main point of interest with their contacts. These devices are well equipped with touch base information navigation and reviews option so that you may give your suggestions to the service providers for the better navigation experience in the future. It has also special navigation device for the bicyclists and the motorcyclists for creating their own off-road routes and has a unique electronic keyboard which is easily accessible by wearing the gloves.
  3. Other GPS Systems: The other types of Teletype GPS systems are GPS receivers and GPS trackers for the commercial purposes.

Teletype Customer Support

Teletype Company provides instant customer support for 24X7 to you either you are accessing them through their website or from your mobile device (Android & iOS). If you find some technical problem while accessing GPS device or any kind of problem regarding GPS navigation, you just have to send mail or call the Teletype customer support. You can follow the below-mentioned steps for setting up Teletype on your mobile phone.

  1. First, go to the settings on your device and choose General option. Click on accessibility and select Teletype.
  2. Turn on the Teletype software at the status bar on the top of the screen. You would see telephone image.
  3. Access Relay number and give you a mobile number for Teletype relay calls.
  4. You can also type the message for your queries.
  5. If you want to answer the calls by the Teletype Company, you should turn on the Answer call option. However, you turn on the Answer call option all the time; you won’t get voice calls anymore.
  6. If you can also make calls to Teletype Company from other devices instead of your mobile phone by turning on Teletype hardware.

Steps for using Teletype in your mobile

  1. Open the phone app first,
  2. Choose your phone number and link it with Teletype phone number
  3. Then, select Teletype Call or Teletype Relay Call.
  4. Wait for a while to connect your call and then select Teletype
  5. You can enter your message too by turning on Send Immediately option in Setting. Your recipient will see your message. You don’t turn on the above option; you can still type the message and send it quickly.