Tele Atlas offers maps with historical speed for GPS

So far, GPS systems have some drawbacks. Although they can give us the shortest route between two points, this does not have to be the fastest. We all know that it is not the same to take the highway at eight in the morning than at ten in the evening.

The new Tele Atlas data takes this into account. Analyzing the historical speed of the roads during the different hours of the day, they are able to give us the most efficient route in each moment. If we combine this with the reception of data in real time, which allows us to know where there are retentions or accidents, it will be difficult to be more precise.

For now the system works in the United States where this data covers more than 800,000 kilometers of roads.

The Teleatlas strategy is to remain neutral and offer its cartography services to anyone who wants them. Currently the company provides maps to Tom Tom, manufacturers of gadgets for the automobile such as Blaupunkt, or geolocated services of operators such as Vodafone. Tom Tom allows users to post comments about errors on their maps but it is strongly against the cartography being defined by users as in OpenStreetMap.

In the mobile world, Teleatlas collaborates with a multitude of manufacturers without exclusives and is the official provider of Blackberry maps after both companies reached an agreement this year. Teleatlas will be, with all security, the company that feeds the maps of the Blackberry 10 operating system.

Tele Atlas adds 12 million points of interest and Tele Atlas Brand Icons, which visually represent participating businesses so users can accurately identify specific brands of interest. The 7700 Pro also includes additional content from Pro Miles and Truck Down, including more than 33,000 truck-specific points of interest.

Professional truck drivers, like all vehicle drivers, benefit from GPS solutions that leverage the freshest maps and location content. But their exclusive requirements also insist on solutions that recommend routing based on truck specific data, as well as complex sets of limits and conditions.

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