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Soon you are going to enjoy your hands on Windows 11

Geeks Check: Soon disclosed about an official announcement by Microsoft which will start distributing the Windows 11 on 5th of October, less than a month away. On this day there will be a free up gradation available to the window 11 and eligible for those as well who are having Windows 10 subscriptions as one of the latest software news.

The new PCs are going to be preloaded with the new Windows 11 and will be available for purchase. Since the date is fixed for its release, its going be an extraordinarily long tail. The new windows 11 will be into action with the Microsoft’s modeling predicts that will be most likely to successfully execute the upgrade.

Analysis – iPhone 13 might become a satellite phone

Apple has shot a way with the power of reaching the stars and this can be a great achievement being the
latest technology news. Speculation is that it could send free message to other iPhone users globally. This would additionally become best with iCloud+ service offering an enhanced communication for international users with side steps for insecurity of local networks. Further, it would simply require for a subscription to the satellite communication provider.

Certain speculations suggested that global start is going to most likely associated as a satellite operator to cooperate with apple on the plan. This is going to offer with a range of devices as well as coverage plans. This is quite advanced way to introduce the latest technology news. It will also going to provide a guide which charges $200 per
month for its orbit unlimited plan. This is promisingly going to provide with unlimited voice calls.

Apple Car; the next service for people

Since long, apple has been working with its ultimate garage product since years. It has been investing a lot of money as well as time to design its latest apple car. It has taken another way to design its own strategy. This is possible with apple that could disturb plans with deep and unavoidable circumstances in which the entire reason is to exist and that must change.

Before considering its plan, it’s important to consider bigger pictures relating to vehicle manufacturing. It’s the auto industry that has begun with a deep and unavoidable transformation in which its entire reason is going to exist and must change. Before moving ahead with its approach, it’s significant to consider some bigger picture relating to the vehicle manufacturing.

The new technology of Android 12 is going to pop the Google’s bubbles

This can be one of the latest technology news as this interesting improvement has bought down focus on with the latest Android efforts. Bubbles are promising with an easier way to interact with different apps and processes at the same time. This could be arguably better suited for phone use than the software’s in theory, but rarely used in reality split screen option. These android bubbles set up can keep you with certain elements of the app readily available on the screen with in some small floating circle. The bubbles are built up on the interface being introduced by face book in the prehistoric 2013 era of android.

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