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Saraya-Jade Bevis Well-known for his ring name Paige, Paige is a British professional wrestling personality and retired professional wrestler. She is currently contracting with WWE. She is a two-time (and youngest) WWE Diva Champion.

WWE News Paige banned from Twitch

Former WWE star Paige has been restricted from her Twitch channel. His channel on Sarayaofficial is recently down at the time of writing.

The ban seems to have happened after she watched Jim Carrey’s “Dam and Dunbar” movie. Previously, the movie “Labyrinth” was aired, but it wasn’t banned until “Dam and Dunbar” was aired.

Twitch is very strict about what the platform allows, and the rules stipulate that copyrighted images are not allowed.
At this time, it is unclear whether this is a temporary or permanent ban. This is very important to her as she makes a fair amount of money on the platform.

Paige talks about her drinking and why she stopped using drugs and alcohol
Paige talked about her journey from the wrestling scene and growing up with a wrestler’s family. He also talked about his WWE career, cursed Dusty Rhodes, and overcame his demon.

Paige talked about her drinking:
“I haven’t taken drugs for three years. This is cool. Also, I’ve eliminated all meat and dairy products. I said,” Vegan, I’m not one of the crazy vegans who say, “You have to, or you go to hell.” I love animals, but that’s not all. I’m crazy about being healthy, feeling good, and looking good on my skin. “

Paige was asked why she stopped using her drugs and alcohol.

“Honestly, when I got a call back to WWE, I had a drug problem because it greatly boosted my strength. I said. He was very, very thin. I had a very bad time. He is something like Wonder Woman. I have looked at him as if it were a superhero. Because she did not read the social media, I haven’t seen me in the headlines, etc. He was very happy to see me and said, “I want to be like you someday.” It was the moment I woke up.

Paige still hopes to fight again someday.

Paige wants to get out of retirement and follow in the footsteps of Edge and Daniel Bryan to fight again.
Edge had to withdraw from wrestling due to his neck problems, while Brian did so for his history of suffering from concussion. But a few years after they retired, they began to allow WWE to work on them again.

In December 2017, the in-ring career of the former two-time WWE Divas Champion ended when she played in a six-woman match at a live event, but she canceled after receiving a fierce kick. I had to. They told him that WWE doctors would not allow him to wrestle again because of spinal stenosis. This is the same reason that Edge had to withdraw.

WWE did a behind-the-scenes segment at SmackDown on Friday, and Edge said Brian’s return to the ring in 2018 encouraged him to do the same. Brian said if he could win the Universal Championship from Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber event on Sunday, Edge should choose him as his opponent at WrestleMania 37.