PC Pitstop Sign-In -Allowing to Access All Super Feature

Modern antivirus products focus all their resources on detecting and eliminating malware threats. Tuning/optimization tools come as a bonus, nothing more.

PC Matic is uses a totally different approach. It constantly offers valuable offers for both new and existing customers.

Also, you won’t find traditional signature/heuristic scanning techniques here. Pitstop having to whitelist against the malware. Fileless script blocking and RDP port controls will also ensure your device is safe and sound. Let’s move on to the PC Matic review and talk more about these very unusual methods of dealing with online threats.

Reliability and Security

PC Matic is not a normal antivirus solution. It is already established through its performance. And for that reason, it is a bit difficult to test it. Recently, Virus Bulletin passed this software through a series of tests, and it managed to earn a perfect (100%) detection rate. However, while this product was great in the RAP test, it failed the VB100 test several times.

PC Matic is constantly blocking valid programs. In AV tests, the antivirus scored perfect in terms of performance, but rather average results in the zero-day attack test. At the same time, it blocked more than 800 legitimate programs. By comparison, Webroot Secure Anywhere used to be the product with the highest number of false positives, with only 12 of them.

To clarify: most of them were blocked because they weren’t on the white list. Only 18 percent of those samples were rated dangerous by the Super Shield. Another 54% were tagged as unknown, while 11% were tagged as good but were still blocked.

Protection Against Malware

Since whitelisting is a new way to detect malware, you are probably wondering how it works. Most antivirus on the market creates a constantly evolving malware code/algorithm blacklists. So when it finds files from the list, it leaves them alone. The pc pitstop sign-in allows you full access to all the security features of PC matric.

All other files are sent to the company’s research team for rapid analysis and testing. As we just mentioned, it takes a whole day for the computer to classify unknown files as safe or dangerous. The most significant disadvantage of this method is that you will always have to manually “tell” your antivirus that specific files, programs, and sites should not be blocked.

Scan Options

With PC Matic, the scans are a bit different from the other products. Instead of running a specific test that focuses on finding and treating malware, a full scan is performed. It includes full-disk fragmentation, performance tuning, and of course, malware detection. First, the software launches a quick diagnostic scan to check for and address operating system problems.

In this way, it’s a combination of regular tweaking, optimization, defragmentation, and virus scanning. Potentially dangerous files – that’s what PC Matic checks on the system. You then run a series of benchmarks and create a detailed report.