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When we feel that our team is slower than usual or tells you to open, we are probably facing problems that we can solve with this application. It is a simple cleanser that will help us eliminate those symptoms of slowing down that are already starting to worry us.

In most of the equipment, the problems of this type come because the files and files that we have in our hard disk are not well organized and leave loose, empty spaces, which are not easy to cover. PC Pitstop Optimize is a program that will optimize your team and make it solve tasks much faster. In addition to going directly to our hard drive, it will also study and analyze all the units it detects in the network that we want to optimize.

The improvements that this program will propose to us are very useful, since with them we will greatly speed up the work we do on the computer. Once executed, you will begin to see the results of the actions of this optimizer in the speed of execution of your computer.

This antivirus software offer this service because it allows them to access information on the most recent and most prevalent viruses on the Internet. A very important recommendation is to disable any other antivirus application to avoid causing conflicts.

After the installation of some files, PC Pitstop offers us the possibility of carrying out three different checks of the system. Total scan of the machine, fast scanning (only examines the files that are frequent targets of viruses: boot sector, root directory,) or scanning of directories and files that are specified.

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