PC Matic – Installing on Another Computer

To browse the internet safely and to protect computer systems, pc Matic software is an excellent ally. Even though it is rare today to find a business or freelance user that does not have antivirus software, some may not yet understand its importance and use. This article provides you with practical information so you can get the most out of pc Matic software to secure your computer systems.

Pc Matic is a program whose main purpose is to detect, neutralize or eradicate malware from infected computers and other computing devices. It also plays a preventative role by preventing viruses from infecting and harming computer systems.

By way of illustration, a system without a pc Matic is like a house with an open and unprotected door. This will definitely attract burglars and unwanted intruders. This is also the case with an unprotected computer: it can be infected with any type of malicious computer program.

A pc Matic will act as a closed door, with a security guard, thus protecting your system from all kinds of attacks. It protects you against several types of malware like viruses, worms, and malware.

What is a pc Matic

The damage that an unprotected system can suffer
• reformatting the hard drive
• loss of data through deletion
• file corruption
• computer slowdown
• the inability of users to work

If a virus attacks your system, you can potentially spread it to your relatives (friends, colleagues, families, etc.) through the exchange of infected files. In addition, at the professional level, it can lead to a drop in productivity in the company. For all this, the installation of a pc Matic is an absolute necessity.

The advantages of a pc Matic

In addition to protecting against viruses and their spread, a pc Matic program allows you to block spam and unwanted advertisements, channels that many viruses use to penetrate computers. Pc Matic also provides protection against infections from removable devices such as USB keys.

Hackers can use all kinds of malware to gain access to corporate computers through various kinds of vulnerabilities. A company can thus have confidential or sensitive data stolen. A hacker can also blackmail the owner by demanding a ransom through ransomware. You can download pc Matic download additional computer.

Direct or collateral damage can cause the owner to go bankrupt or close. In such a context, having pc Matic software contributes to the sustainability of a company’s activities.


The risks to a company’s computer system are enormous in the internet and digital age. For this, pc Matic software has evolved a lot in order to meet current security challenges. They fulfill a very important double mission. They ensure the careful analysis of files stored in computers and can monitor devices in real-time for any unusual activity.
Generally, pc Matic software uses three detection processes which are very effective:

• specific detection
• generic detection
• heuristic detection
Specific detection is the most classic. When malware attacks your system, the pc Matic installed on it will first check your various computer programs. Then it compares them with a database containing the signatures of known malware types.
If a virus is executed on your computer, it will undoubtedly try to record the keystrokes you type in your web browsers (this in order to steal your banking information, passwords, etc.). Some pc Matic solutions offer features that allow you to protect yourself against this type of attack by controlling which executables can interact with processes and programs that may contain sensitive information (passwords, etc.)

A generic detection is a process that allows the search for viruses that are known variants of another malware or that are linked to it by a common code base.

The most powerful method is heuristic analysis. It allows the detection of possible unknown viruses by your protection software. For this, the analysis of the code of the unknown program is done while, for example, simulating its operation.


There are plenty of free and paid pc Matic programs out there. Besides desktops and laptops, they can be used on smartphones and tablets. Free pc matric generally cares of little use to businesses because of their limited functionality.

It is better to choose the paid versions (by monthly or annual subscription) to take advantage of additional features. The most interesting are automatic updates, real-time scanning, activation of a firewall, and password managers. Some software gives users a month’s trial. So you can take advantage of it to evaluate a pc Matic application that interests you. CMU Sphinx