Pc matic antivirus – Vital Security & Antivirus and Maximum Performance

Antivirus program – it is a program, and most often a package of programs that protect your computer against various types of threats. Its task is to detect, fight, remove and protect the system against computer viruses.

Operation of an antivirus program – the operation of an antivirus program consists in checking the code entering the computer or the one that is to be introduced in a moment. He also observes the work of running programs and, at the time of noticing their incorrect operation, undertakes defensive actions. Antivirus programs consist of specialized functional blocks that cooperate with each other managed by an administrative system.

Different Function of Pc matic antivirus

Antivirus scanner – checks selected files, folders or disks on request. Pc matic antivirus scanners look at files stored in the system and look for “signatures” of known viruses, which are a characteristic sequence of bits for a given malicious program, the so-called signature.

Antivirus monitor – the work of the anti-virus monitor consists in scanning objects during each access and monitoring the operation of the system. If an infection or undesired activity is detected, the monitor blocks access to the suspicious object and its operation, informing the user about it. A decision is made to treat the file, delete it or move it to quarantine.

Av email scanner – this module of Pc matic antivirus is installed between the server and the e-mail client, which allows scanning for incoming and outgoing e-mail viruses. The task of the mail scanner is to receive messages from the mail server or email client, test it and decide about its further fate.

Repair module – this module of Pc matic antivirusis responsible for removing the malicious program from the file and restoring it to the state before the infection. Unfortunately, some of the effects of infection or virus activity may be irreversible, while others, such as changes in the registry, although they are reversible – they are usually not corrected.

Quarantine module – this module is responsible for storing objects infected or suspected of infection. Mechanisms implemented in the quarantine module make it impossible to run such a file and block access to it for all users and programs outside of the antivirus program.

Update module – this module allows you to download updates of virus signature databases. The download usually takes place by incremental method, which means that the virus signature database on the manufacturer’s server is compared to the database on the client’s computer and only the missing definitions of viruses are downloaded.

Reports and statistics module – this module of Pc matic antivirusprovides reports on incidents, scans, detected viruses and automatic protection.

Firewall – a firewall whose task is to filter incoming and outgoing connections and, at the same time, denying access requests recognized as dangerous.

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