Participants of the Tokyo Olympics 2021

Return of the Olympics with the craze to begin for sports lovers:-

Though the year 2020 was quite depressing with the call off of the Olympics due to the pandemic situation. The year 2021 is going to brings hopes and happenings for sports lovers. All credit to the postponed Tokyo Olympics to the 2021 coverage starting on 23rd of July till 8th of august 2021. Across Tokyo, Japan there area around six locations with in central business area of Tokyo, northwest of the Olympic village. This is called the heritage zone. Other than that, there is Tokyo bay zone with 13 planned locations for 15 sports located across the vicinity of Tokyo bay, south east of the Olympic village Odaiba and the artificial islands surrounding it. Next are those outlying areas where 16 specific locations are destined for 16 sports located in 8 kms from the Olympic village. Apart from these, the most significant ones are the football venues that are planned to be conducted in international stadium Yokohama, Tokyo stadium in Tokyo, Saitama stadium in saitama, miyagi stadium in Sendai, kashima soccer stadium in kashima, Sapporo dome in Sapporo and the Japan national stadium. The Tokyo 2021 is going to be the best ones that expected to wipe out the stress of 2020 of all the sports lovers. Every single country is expected to perform its best.

Participants of Tokyo Olympics 2021:-

There are around 206 countries participating in the Tokyo Olympics 2021 which is going to make a great start with different kinds of sports participations. The event is indeed going to be the finest ones in the geography and is surely going to bring a global success in its performance.

Looking forward to the participating countries they are all the member countries of the UN and one non member observer country of Palestine. Other nine states are the dependent territories of the American Samoa, Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Guam, Aruba and Puerto Rico. There are 2 partially recognized states of Chinese Taipei or Taiwan and Kosovo and one almost independent state of Cook Islands. An unimaginable number of participants are recorded with a list of 11,326 athletes who are going to compete in the Olympics in the year making the event monumental and highly appreciable as a global sports event.

New sports debuting in Tokyo Olympics 2021:-

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics is going to see some new games as a part of participation. Even more new games are expected to get added in the year 2024 Paris Olympics. It’s the Tokyo games that is going to feel the advantage of such change this time and further more are expected to continue. The new Olympic Games are like karate, skate boarding, sports climbing and surfing. Even new disciplines have been added as a part in other sports includes men’s and women’s three on three basketball and BMX freestyle that are truly a part of cycling games. Then the mixed gender team events that also are added in some other sports include relays in swimming and track and field.

The flexibility in the agenda 202 is adopted in December 2014 and is viewed as start up to extend best for international Olympic committee. It’s the pride of Tokyo games that would be seen further.

Different sports discipline and their date of competition:-

  1. The baseball and softball: – these sports need the complete course of Olympics. The softball is going to being between Australia and Japan on 21st of July, just two days before the opening ceremonies. For the competition the award ceremony will take place on July 27th and the base ball would begin on 28th of July with its knockout stage that would start on 1st of august and the game for gold medal would start on 7th of august.
  2. Karate: – the medal would be awarded for this on 5th of august which is for women’s kata, men’s kumite- 67 kgs, and women’s kumite -55kgs. 6th of august for men’s kata, women’s kumite-61 kg, men’s kumite- 75 kg and 7th of august for women’s kumite and above 61 kgs , men’s kumite +75 kgs.
    In this discipline the athletes are going to try their hands of weight classes and spar based on which they will play separately. The kata is a demonstration of form, judged on basics of techniques and movements.
  3. Sports climbing:-
    The competition begins with the qualification round for the men on august 3rd and women on 4th of august. The finals include three disciplines like speed, bouldering and lead that are going to be held for men on 5th of august. The athletes receive medals based on their combined results. Their ranking from each discipline are multiplied and the lowest overall score wins. In the park discipline, athletes perform tricks in the concrete bowl.

In the speed discipline, athletes race head to head up a wall in pairs. A single elimination tournament determines the final ranking. Bouldering requires athletes to scale shorter but difficult routes that they don’t see until the competition would begin.

The competitions are ranked based on how are they would progress in the allotted time and how many attempts they need. In the lead discipline, athletes climb a route with only one attempt. award

Apart from these, the surfing as a competition would be on 25th of July and the medals to the men and women winner would be given on 28th of July. The scheduled one could change depending on the wave conditions. After the elimination round begins, the athletes would compete in heat which would include two surfers. They are evaluated by the judges with a 10.0 being considered the highest score.

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