Overview of the Friday night funkin unblocked games

It is a rhythm game where the main character, “Boyfriend,” battles several foes for the heroine, “Girlfriend,” in a rap fight.

There are two game modes: “Free play,” where you can select and play your favorite song, and “Story Mode,” where you play three songs consecutively with the same character (with some exceptions). There are three varying degrees of difficulty available in both modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The adversary characters that appear in each of the seven weeks of Story Mode are unique.

Friday night funkin unblocked games Main character


A 19-year-old rapper who failed out of college has turquoise hair and is dressed in blue jeans, a red cap with a blue brim, a red T-shirt with a red forbidden sign, and white sneakers. He acts rashly and arrogantly. He frowns whenever there is thunder in Week 2 because he dislikes it. In order to get married to his Girlfriend, he has a rap battle with her father, Daddy Dearest, and various other characters. When he gets the game over, his whole body turns to bones, his brain in the shape of “RETRY” comes out, and he drops his mic. Additionally, he sings while holding his lover in the third song of Week 7.


Her age is 19, so. She has long, reddish-brown hair and is dressed in a red dress with matching high heels. In Week 5, she wears red gloves and white knee-high socks. She frequently crosses her legs on the speaker behind her and sobs whenever her Boyfriend makes a mistake (except for Week 6). She is afraid of thunder, same as her Boyfriend, and in Week 2, she exhibits terror each time it occurs. At first glance, she looks like a normal human being, but when the game is over on Week7’s third song, it turns out that she’s a demon, just like her parents.

Friday night funkin unblocked games Guest characters

Skid and Pump

Appeared in Week 2. A guest character from the video series “Spooky Month” produced by Sr Pelo. A small human child in a Halloween costume, a combination of “Skid” wearing a skeleton mask and “Pump” wearing a pumpkin mask. He is about 8 years old. With the Skid on the Pump’s head, the two sing with one microphone. He does a dance called “Spooky Dance” when he’s not singing. This dance comes from the original Spooky Month.


Appeared in Week7. A guest character from JohnnyUtah’s animated work ” Tankmen, “he is also the character riding the tank with the New grounds logo. His skin, goggles, and vest are white, and everything else is black. He speaks English in cut scenes (voiced by Tankmen creator Johnny Utah himself). He declares that he must kill Boyfriend but challenges him to a rap battle because he is too busy today. In the third song, he declares that “people die in war” and instructs his comrades to shoot his Girlfriend, but is stopped by Pico.

Friday night funkin unblocked games Other characters


Appeared in Week 2 and Week 5. He is also called “Lemon Demon.” His head looks like a lemon, and his body is pitch black. He is the only character who sings in English in this work. However, the content of his song is crazy, like a monster. He wears a Santa Claus hat in the third song of Week5.


Appeared in Week 6. She is one of the characters in the fictitious dating game “Hating Simulator” that her Girlfriend was playing. She is drawn in a 32-bit style only in this week (Boyfriend and Girlfriend are also in 32-bit style in this week).


An 18-year-old high school boy in his third year of high school. His name comes from “Senior.” He has brownish blond hair and wears a blue shirt, tie, and gray jeans. After the first song, Senpai’s complexion changes, and he starts glaring at Boyfriend, bending his tie and gripping the mic harder. After the second song, Senpai dies, but a spirit called “Spirit” appears from within Senpai’s body. For unknown reasons, he was trapped in the game by Daddy Darest and has taken over Boyfriend’s body to escape from the game and seek revenge on Daddy Dearest.


Appeared in Week6 (3rd song). A spirit emerges from within Senpai’s body and has a grotesque floating red face surrounded by a red aura.

By the way, it is said that Spirit was not manipulating Senpai and that all of Senpai’s words and actions were programmed.

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