OmniPage : Main features and Professional Technical Help

OmniPage Professional is one of the most extensive text recognition packages. The application is based on the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technique, which involves recognizing the characteristic features of characters as well as image segmentation.

The tool has a modern interface that will not cause any problems even to less experienced users. It resembles earlier releases of the package – documents are grouped on cards, and most configuration options are stored in menus and dialog boxes. Appearance and operation of the application can be easily adapted to your preferences. At the beginning of the work it is worth paying attention to the start screen, which contains the most frequently used options – it will help us in making the first conversion. The main distinguishing feature of the tool is the very good quality of the engine dealing with text recognition. The application supports 123 languages, also preserves document formatting (columns, lines, tables, colours, headings, titles, vertical text).

The program provides a number of new solutions. One of the most interesting options is sharing files in the cloud – the application works with the following services: Dropbox, Evernote, WebDav,, Open Stack, Mezeo, Nirvanix, Google Docs / Storage, Amazon S3, Windows / Azure, Caringo CAStor, FTP servers.

The program has an extensive batch processing module. It allows you to manage and monitor tasks, as well as quickly define scheduled operations. The list processing can be started in silent mode, but after finishing the work we will be informed by e-mail or a message.
The service itself, as befits the Office suite, is simple and minimal in its form. Just run the extension, and then follow the simple steps to import the appropriate input file. This will be converted, and then inserted into the document, in accordance with the pre-selected clean text or formatted content you selected.

The application should work efficiently and quickly enough for home needs. People seeking maximum OCR functionality should rather reach for a separate application of this type, which will often be additionally payable. The possible disadvantages of the described extension include the lack of official information about the type of supported input graphic files. It is to be expected that these are only the basic and most popular image formats (which does not mean, however, that in most cases this will not be a sufficient solution for users).

Main features

• Integration with Microsoft Windows systems;
• Easy conversion of files in PDF format;
• Built-in OCR handwriting recognition mechanism;
• Support for office applications of companies such as Microsoft and Corel;
• Quick capture of documents from mobile devices.

OmniPage Professional technical help

So OmniPage Professional is the best text recognition package. If you are facing any technical problem related to OmniPage Profession then contact at our OmniPage support number to get the solution.