Never Known Facts about Los Callejones

Chile is home to a rural community known as Los Callejones, located approximately 14 kilometres away from San Rosendo. It is in the Biobio area and the Biobio province, which it is a part of.

As a result of the town’s Malbec grapes being over 150 years old, it has earned the reputation of being home to one of the oldest Malbec wine strains in all of Chile and all of South America. This reputation has helped the town achieve a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.


It is not known when exactly humans started settling in this area, and no writings explain the narrative of how the place got founded. However, it is known that people have been living here for a very long time.

The stories that the first settlers told their children are responsible for preserving a substantial percentage of the area’s history. These stories have been passed down from one generation to the next to ensure that the past is not lost.

There is a legend that Turkey gained its name from an Arab family who settled in the San Rosendo Rural neighbourhood more than a century ago. This family is said to have given their name to the community.

There was a period when the rural districts now known as Turkey, Los Callejones, and La Quebrada were collectively referred to as just Turkey. During that time, Turkey was the name given to the entire area. The latter was referred to as Los Callejones de Turkey and La Quebrada de Turkey, respectively, during this period.

Years later, it was given the name Los Callejones due to “El Callejón,” the main route of the place, which was occupied with conducting our Chilean races on the day of the Immaculate Conception Celebration, was honored.

This resulted in why it was given the name Los Callejones. These competitions inspired the naming of Los Callejones. In the rural society of that era, this hamlet was especially well-known for its celebration of the Mara festival, also known as la Purisima. This holiday was also recognized as the purest day of the year.


According to the results of the Census that was carried out in 2017, Los Callejones was classified as a hamlet despite having a total population of 94 people and 53 houses. This designation indicates that it is one of the rural towns in the San Rosendo commune that has the highest number of residents. Within the framework of the classification system, this meant that it might be considered a hamlet.

Most of those who call that location home are farmers or ranchers. The hamlet was once home to a significantly larger population; however, as a result of the limited availability of employment opportunities and the deplorable living conditions that prevailed in the rural areas, the younger generations were compelled to leave the town in search of a better quality of life in the nearby cities. Because of this, the population’s average age has dramatically increased, and most of the town’s inhabitants are now considered to be senior citizens.


It may look like a valley in some sections of Los Callejones due to the presence of hills and streams, but this region consists of extensive plains with gentle reliefs used for agricultural purposes.

Additionally, this region is home to several valleys. One of the streams that feed the Estero tricauco, born in the rural sector known as “La Quebrada,” is the product of several different water channels originating from the hills and eventually running into the Claro River.

Important Details

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