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MacSpeech Scribe is the one of the world’s most well known personal transcription answers for the Macintosh operating system. MacSpeech Scribe permits you to overlook the hard job of writing, and in its place of creating text documents directly from audio files of the spoken word. See that … no more annoying and provoking stop, reverse, re-start, and typing at a snail speed. MacSpeech Escribano transcribes the whole thing for you … simple, fast and accurate.

No more stopping, rewinding, restart, and typing at a snail’s pace. MacSpeech Scribe does the whole thing for you — rapidly, easily and precisely. With the click of a button, you’ll see your file transcribed into text on your screen right before your eyes!

MacSpeech Scribe works by transcribing recorded audio files into a text file. Just record your audio into one of the customary file formats – wav, .aif, .aiff, .m4v, .mp4, or .m4a; upload the file into MacSpeech Scribe and let it work its transcribing magic.

MacSpeech Scribe sounds great in theory and MacSpeech touts a correctness rate of 99%. On the other hand real world results may differ as factors such as superiority of recording, clarity of speech and correct annunciation all affect the correctness of the transcription results.

MacSpeech Scribe voice recognition software turns up in a black cardboard box packaged with two discs and a Quick start Guide. Inside this guide is the License code, so do not lose it.

If you pay money for MacSpeech Scribe but are not capable of downloading updates or carry out the initial install from the Application Disc, then call at our MacSpeech Scribe support number and our expert will give you the solution. You can get this solution by sitting in front of your system.

Training your profile permits Scribe to be familiar with your voice and speaking style. To begin you will need a voice recording of 120 seconds or more. But after installation of Mac Speech Scribe you feel that your voice is not get recorded then need not to worry we are here. Our MacSpeech Scribe customer service helps you to find out solution.

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