Know the Top best and worst airline in the world

Are you one of those who spend months organizing a trip? Or are you more of planning everything at the last minute? The truth is that it does not matter; the most likely thing is that you have rarely looked at the airline that will transport you to your destination before buying your ticket. However, then there are many who, when the flight is delayed or any other incident, regret having once again trusted that airline that had previously ruined their vacations.

Avoiding this is as simple as taking into account each airline’s negative and positive aspects and avoiding the worst as much as possible. If your trip is for pleasure and, above all, for many hours, do not hesitate to choose carefully which one will take you to your destination.

To preparing this ranking, the quality of service, punctuality, and how compensation claims for flight delays are handled were taken into account. It will tell you which are Top best and worst airline in the world so that you can take them into account on your next trip.

The three best airlines

If you have ever flown with Qatar Airways, you will understand that it is the one that holds the title of the best airline in the world. In 1994 in Doha (Qatar), the company offers a high-quality service that users have rated 9.5. And it is that it has 125 international destinations, a fleet of more than 100 airplanes, and has all the comforts on board that you can imagine. In terms of punctuality and claims management, users have rated this Qatari company 8.9 in both cases, thus remaining the best option among all those that exist. And is that some prefer to pay more to travel with Qatar Airways than with any of its competitors.

In second place is the German airline Lufthansa, with an 8.57. The company, founded in Cologne (Germany) in 1953, is considerably older than Qatar Airways but cannot compete with it in terms of punctuality. Users who flew with Lufthansa have given it a 7.6 in this regard, well below the 8.9 they gave to the Qatari. Finally, in third place is Etihad Airways, the youngest of the three, founded in 2003. The worst-rated by its clients is claims management, a field in which it obtained a 7.5. At the same time, the quality of service continues to be outstanding with 9.3 and surpasses Lufthansa in punctuality with 8.6.

The three worst airlines

Of the 72 airlines on this list, the latest is, in order, Pakistan International Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, and WOW Air. In the case of the Pakistani airline, founded in 1946 and with an average of 5.43, there is an apparent failure: the claims, which customers have scored 4.2. The quality of service and punctuality has not been the best rated either, but they have a 6 and 6.1. The Jordanian company, Royal Jordanian Airlines, is ranked number 71, and its claims service is the worst-rated of all with a score of 0.8. However, it does not have a bad mark in punctuality or the quality of its service (8.3 and 6.3), and its average impact is 5.13. Finally, and holding the title of the worst airline globally, is the Icelandic WOW Air, with an average of 5.04. Last March 2019, the company went bankrupt and canceled all the flights it had scheduled.

Top ten airlines

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Lufthansa
  3. Etihad Airways
  4. Singapore Airlines
  5. South African Airways
  6. Austrian Airlines
  7. Aegean Airlines
  8. Qantas
  9. Air Malta
  10. Virgin Atlantic

The ten worst airlines

  1. Jet Airways
  2. Aerolineas Argentinas
  3. Iberia
  4. Korean Air
  5. Ryanair
  6. Air Mauritius
  7. EasyJet
  8. Pakistan International Airlines
  9. Royal Jordanian Airlines
  10. Wow Air

The secret: focus on passengers.

Improvements in waiting for time and customer complaints processes have seen Qatar Airways, in first position this year, oust Singapore Airlines, which is currently in fourth place. Internationally, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, and South African Airways complete the top 5 of the ranking.