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Katie Price is an actress and executive and is known for Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017), Dream Team (1997), and Footballers’ Wives (2002). She has been married to Keeran Halar since January 16, 2013.

Katie Price has been criticized for “leaving” Harvey for liposuction in Turkey.

Katie Price was attacked by a social media troll who claimed she had “left” her son Harvey to travel to Turkey for cosmetic surgery.

The 43-year-old “My Crazy Life” star traveled to the Red List country last week to get liposuction with her fiancé Carl Woods.

On Instagram, after recovering from her surgery, her ex-glamor model gave a lovely photo of herself and Harvey, “The best hug is from your baby.

Most of Katie’s followers flooded her posts with her positive message, but one criticized her for traveling to Turkey and leaving her “disabled” son in the UK.

The former fan jumped in to protect the star. “Everyone respects … Do you have a child with special needs? Do you know how consumable it will be?

“Careers can take time in their mental health. That’s important.

“Don’t judge until you walk a mile in their shoes. If you have nothing to say a word, keep yourself negative.”
Last summer, the five mothers broke their legs after experiencing a terrible fall while on vacation in Turkey with her family. She hasn’t been able to walk much since she jumped off the 25-foot wall.

Katie claimed that her flight to Turkey was a “work” as she appeared in her new show. Her guidelines suggest that you should not visit red spots “except in the most extreme situations.”

Katie Price used her Instagram story on Thursday to show off her “swollen” feet after receiving liposuction in Turkey last week.

A 43-year-old former glamor model traveled to the Red List country to undergo elective surgery with her fiancé Carl Woods and cameraman Chris Harris.

After her surgery, the TV star shared the latest information on her postoperative recovery and shared a shot of her foot in the air leaning against a white wall.

A former Ruth Wimin panelist in Gucci Mickey Mouse pajamas and socks wrote in a boomerang that “her legs are very swollen today.”

Katie’s post hinted that she would be liposuctioned in Turkey after sharing her photo showing her bandaged legs earlier this week.

Katie writes “trooper” next to the image of her legs wrapped in her compression socks in an Instagram story. This suggests that she had surgery to remove fat from her legs.

Katie is currently enjoying her time alone in the Red List country with her fiancé Carl Woods.

Elsewhere, after Katie flew to Turkey last week, she was reported to have traveled to Spain with Karl in an attempt to circumvent the hotel quarantine required in the United Kingdom.

Karl, 32, gave fans a glimpse of his luxury villa in his Instagram story on Tuesday night, and despite many believing that the vast platform is in the Red List country.