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One of the most innovative features of the iPhone X is Face ID technology, with which the user can forget to use the buttons or the fingerprint to unlock the mobile (also the suppression of these forces) to have to use only his face. Many mistrusts the security of this technology, which has a wide range of possibilities to use, such as making payments from mobile. With the passage of the weeks, they are known more functions of this technology are integrated in the iPhone X and that soon we will see also in other devices of the apple company.

The Face ID has the ability to determine when the owner of the mobile is looking at the screen. This function has been used by Apple to try to facilitate the lives of users, with the intention that they value it more. So, for example, for those who hate the sound of the alarm on waking, with the Face ID the phone will diminish its sound when it detects that its owner is looking at it.

Also, the Face ID on the iPhone X has the ability to only offer notifications to its owner when detecting his face. In this way, all private messages, news or documents would be safe from third parties.

Finally, another function of this technology is that it allows you to keep the screen on when you determine that its owner is reading it. This last feature is not a novelty, since Samsung has it incorporated optionally (with the name of Smart Stay) on their devices since 2012, but also helps the user to forget about having to constantly touch the screen to make the mobile do not block.

The most successful feature of the iPhone X comes to Android

Apple presented the iPhone X, a mobile phone that has become the first stone for a new generation of terminals. Among other things, this Smartphone features a ‘Super Retina’ OLED screen, an A11 Bionic processor and other qualities such as wireless charging or the ‘Face ID’ facial recognition system.

However, the most acclaimed feature of this new mobile phone has been the ‘animojis’, a new feature that allows, thanks to the new facial recognition system of the company, to give life to the classic email, who moves according to the movement carried out by the person behind the mobile.

Therefore, all those people who want to get name of the new application, will only have to access the application store ‘Play Store’ and search for the application under the name Then, you just have to open it to discover, by your own means, that the of Android are not what you expected. Baidu Antivirus

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