How do I crack the UPSC CSE in the first attempt while being under any circumstances?

This is my story that can help you clear civils the first time for Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

In 2022, my circumstances OF were:

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• I was working in a job where I had to be working from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. with a three-hour break.
• I attended 4-5 classes per day as well as assisting students with their questions and writing tests and studying materials.
• IAS preparations began IAS preparations just 50 days prior to prelims
• The wedding was scheduled for next May…you are able to understand the ceremony prior to that and a lot of mental stress due to it.

Overall, in 2022-20223 (Busy job + Pre-Marriage problems + IAS planning). I was overwhelmed by the tasks and had less time. However, I didn’t want to leave my lucrative job in civils preparation.

• Spending 7-8 hours overall on research, with a focus exclusively on Prelims first. My goal was to pass the prelims in the year.
• I passed the prelims fairly easily with 282 marks from 400 marks as I was very well-prepared for the CSAT section.
• The confidence of the candidates increased and they began the UPSC mains preparation on the day before the prelims finished.
• 6 months until mains
• Completed the majority of the test for EDEN IAS and tried to examine the results
• GS component was not very solid as i was prepping too late for civils. Therefore, i focused on static areas of GS
• Preparing Chemistry for optional exam in the about four to five months
• Always maintained a positive outlook as I was not risking anything even if my effort was in the wrong direction.
• I gave my first UPSC mains in December, 2019 and did my best.
• March 2013, Results of mains declared and I passed it on the first attempt. It was a truly amazing experience for me.
• I gave an UPSC an interview at 13th May, 2020. precisely 10 days prior to my wedding I’m married …
• There were a lot of things taking place simultaneously, I was not focused on preparing for an interview much due to various distractions over the month of June. I didn’t make it into the final list.

Because my story is full of the taste of both success and failing, I’ll be able to accurately advise you on what to do and what you should not do include: EDEN IAS

• Begin UPSC preparation as early as possible. Don’t delay in completing UPSC preparation. A lot of my friends have lost a lot of crucial years of their lives during UPSC preparation.
• Participate in a reputable coaching and follow the course of instruction taking into consideration UPSC syllabus and questions in your mind.
• Make your choice depending on your passion and not based on what other people suggest. If you’re comfortable in your choices, you will always be able to score high.
• Try to stay clear of distractions as possible (social media, negative news, marriage, love or lust-related affairs)
• Be sure to take care of your fitness OF Ethics Integrity and Aptitude
• Always have a back to your career plan in the event that UPSC strategy fails. It will always provide the emotional support you need
• Minimum material and maximum revision of the same material are mandatory. Do not make your home into a library.
• Good Test series and analysis
• The most important thing is to not lose your focus until you have cleared the test. I was distracted after clearing the mains and I’m writing this answer on Quora.

I wish you the best for success in your very first attempt

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