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Hotmail, currently known as Outlook, is an email service that is based on the Microsoft Outlook website and offers the Metro or Modern UI design language. It uses the Windows 8 software and also mimics to a certain extent the graphic interface of the Microsoft Outlook program, with the advantage that it is in a basic version.

Over the years Outlook has offered its services free of charge and independently to other downloadable programs belonging to the Microsoft Office package. Hotmail was available in 36 different languages, being one of the first services of its kind with this feature.

Hotmail features

Among the features of the new Outlook platform for its users is the active view (direct interaction with the content). It also stands out for the integration with Microsoft Office web applications, conversation threads and virtual broom. The latter allows you to delete or move emails in large quantities. Another of the highlights of is its renewed interface, which undoubtedly improves the user experience.

How Hotmail works

It can be said that Hotmail is the mail that most people use. It was also the first to be used so it is easier for people to feel more comfortable with it, because it is an email that is already known.

It is clear that the first thing to do to use Hotmail is to create an account. It is very simple; you just have to enter the data that you are indicating, it is a secure page so your data is protected. What’s more, if there is an intrusion problem, that is, someone tries to access your account, Hotmail warns you and blocks it so no one can enter. Then in that case call Hotmail Support Number.

Email is a great invention. Before when you wanted to communicate with someone, besides the phone, you had the letters. The problem was how long it took to get there, especially if the destination was far away, abroad. This problem does not exist with email. Write the message, indicate the email address to whom you want to send it and with a single mouse click it is sent instantaneously.

How to contact Microsoft

If you have problems with your operating system or just want to ask questions about a Microsoft device, product or service, then the best way is to try to communicate with them.

Tech support

There are many questions that many Hotmail users are now asking, after learning that Microsoft has presented A few of them are as follow:
• How to change my Hotmail accounts to Outlook, the new Microsoft email service?
• I changed the Hotmail domain to Outlook?
• Can I change the password of my Hotmail account?
• How Hotmail is linked with Facebook, Skype and other social media account

If you have such kind of issues then Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number can help you.