Hidden Places to Visit in Goa

Goa is largely recognized for its iconic beaches and beach parties but to your surprise, there are more exotic locations that are not paid due respect. These hidden jewels of Goa are classified broadly below. Goa might be a tiny province in India, but it has more than even the major land masses dedicated to expanded states. It is high time that these gems were discovered by the tourists and here is the guide. Nevertheless, adventure seekers who are determined travelers will always find a way out to reach these places no matter what. These locations are ideal for the heart that aspires to happiness in silence.

Galgibaga Beach 

Appreciated for its clean surface that accommodates a unique kind of turtle that is known to be endangered. The gleaming sand combines with the clean water to quench your soul with tranquility. Often preferred to visit between November to March and fall in south Goa. Occasionally, the Olive Ridley turtles have also seen nesting and hatched eggs are spotted.

Butterfly Beach

Engaged in beauty the secluded nature of the Butterfly beach is unaddressed and unappreciated. Evident by the name a diverse range of butterflies are witnessed along with dolphins and crabs. The introvert inside you can reside at peace on the beach because of its unexploited landscape and partially transparent waters. Near Palolem, the beach perches without making the slightest noise to let the crowd at Palolem realize its presence. The dense jungles that lead your way to Butterfly beach commence from Agonda Beach. This is the most accomplished and worthy way to reach the destination.

Arambol Beach

If fishing is the hobby that you cultivate, this is the best opportunity and place to explore in Goa, the queen of beaches. The hippie tradition that centers at this beach is one of the most attractive phenomenons to experience. Barbecuing in the shacks located along the beach and relishing the terrific cliffs around is the best solution to the exhausted self in you. The Arambol village is home to fishermen and aquatic harvesting is the most practiced occupation here. 

Fort Tiracol

The historic destination of Goa is adorned with a spectacular monument called Fort Tiracol. It has a powerful embellished architecture of the 17th century during Portuguese rule. The fort was settled with 7 rooms interestingly named as the successive days of the week. The fort is transformed into a hotel that has a rich history bound with or and remains away from the thronging tourist eyes at a peaceful perch. 

Rivona Caves

Aside from Portuguese history, this is one of the secret and isolated caves of Goa where a strong Buddhist discipline is followed. This is something more rewarding for adventure lovers than beaches in Goa. The cave is equipped with laterite rocks that once served as the deserving seat to one of the determined Buddhist monks who meditated. The rock formations are not enough to witness here, Buddhist art being carved on the cave walls is a delight to the soul.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

More than the wildlife creatures a great sense of excitement is discovered at the sight of rich floral prevalence at this sanctuary. As silence wraps you the dense forest is best suited for hiking and exploration. Marshy lands, different kinds of rocks, and endemic flowers unite you with mother nature. Rare species of animals like bison, laughing hyenas, and Malabar crested eagles are seldom spotted if luck prevails. 

Butterfly Conservatory Park

 Along with a greater purpose being served, this park is also an enchanting location for visitors. As many as 133 species of butterflies are protected in this sanctuary and visitors are able to spot 25 species in one day. As the trail to this park continues gorgeous butterflies flitter past your ears to shine your day. This hidden gem is bliss to the eyes and the soul as the least number of human existence makes the experience even more fulfilling and exciting. This is located in North Goa around Raj Nagar in Ponda. 

Mobor Beach

Secluded and hence taintless beauty persuades you to catch a little longer. The handicrafts market captures a share of attention at this beach as you start wandering around the place. Besides, handicraft shopping is supported by amazing cuisines offered by the beach shacks. The crystal clear water nudging the white sand is the most delightful vista that impresses the eyes. The feet lie senseless in disbelief of the startling pleasure it observed. Breathtaking sunset at the end of the day steals a part of your heart before you can leave. An additional benefit of visiting The Leela, which is a private beach, is also attached with exploring Mobor Beach. 
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