Guide to select the Ideal Bedroom Colors

Bedrooms are the most personal space of the house and a person. House frey blogs conveys a sense of harmony and peace.

Choosing colors for bedroom walls can be quite a daunting task. You need to pick colors which convey calmness but also provides energy. But there are so many options that you feel overwhelmed and that too are done.
Take time while choosing bedroom colors. Consider the lighting and the furniture you have. And come to a decision that is a perfect amalgamation of your personality and enigma.

Why is picking the right color important?

Humans are visual creatures. Color affects the mood and conveys a message. It changes the look and feel of a bedroom space. The color of the bedroom tells a story. So you want to pick the right colors to create the stories you want to tell.

Color is known to be associated with changes in vibe. For example, some colors increase blood pressure and metabolism and some cause eye strain. Red is known to increase heart rate and appetite. Therefore fast food chains use red and yellow often. Black can represent anger and aggression. Whereas Dark blue and Dark green has depressing effect.

Below is a detailed info about which colors suit the bedroom.

Ideal Colors for your Bedroom

  1. Lavender: Lavender or Light Lilac is the color you’re looking for if you want your bedroom to feel serene. Lavender is a soft color with cool undertones and goes very well with grey, smoke or off-white colored furniture.
  2. Terracotta: If you’re going for a warm setting in the bedroom, terracotta is your color. Terracotta adds earthiness to the room without the drawbacks of very warm lively colors. It blends best with dark colored furniture.
  3. Slate Blue: A very versatile color, Slate Blue, soothes the mind. It conveys the serenity and calmness of the sky. It is colorful yet neutral and doesn’t contain the sadness of blues at all. Perfect to pair it with white furniture.
  4. Royal Purple: Purples are royal and elegant colors. They convey a sense of luxury and edginess. It makes the mornings energized and the evening calm.
  5. Cream: Cream is the versatile of all colors. If you want your room to feel airy and fresh, this is your color. It is the most practical color. Pairs well with light wood furniture and adds timelessness.

What colors to NOT paint the bedroom?

  1. Red: Yeah, you guessed it right. Never paint your bedroom walls red. Red conveys too much energy which might be what you want at the start of the morning, but in the evening it will work up your senses. These inflammatory colors may lead you to have a lack of sleep.
  2. Orange: Orange conveys brightness and vitality. Orange is great for kids play area and gym, but should be avoided in the bedroom. Too much vibrancy kills the calmness of a bedroom.
  3. Bright Yellow: Yellow is an absolute no-go for bedrooms. It stimulates senses making it harder to fall asleep. If you still want to opt for a yellow hue, then opt for a lighter hue.
  4. Black: Black is known to add gloominess and dullness. Moreover it makes the room appear small and conveys a message of darkness. This leads to decrease in energy and you won’t want to get up at morning. If opting for black, try to paint only one display wall black and balance it with white or an opposite color.

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