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Google Voice is an excellent program that allows you to obtain your own phone number, send text messages, and make calls through your cell phone without having to use the minutes of your mobile calling plan.

Google Voice is a service that is currently only available in the US where users obtain a global Google number for all our phones, reception of SMS messages to the mail, blacklist of calls, transcription of voicemail messages and international calls to a much cheaper price via VoIP.

Google Voice support

Last month, Google enabled VOIP calls through Gmail in the rest of the world. This service works through Google Voice in charge of managing VoIP calls and balance top-ups, and this encouraged many people to see if they could make those calls from their Android phones with their official application.

Before enabling VoIP calls in Gmail, the Google Voice application would not let you identify yourself with your account when you detected that you were not from the US, but when you enable Gmail calls around the world, this check is skipped. Now the application lets you do all the steps to activate Google Voice from outside the US, and the people who tried it have taken a surprise on the bill.

Google Voice Customer Support Service

As he did not warn that he was going to send an SMS it seemed that the check was always with the data connection, with which many people tried to validate their phone more than once, so the surprise on the bill has not been small, since that the international SMS to the US have a much higher cost, depending on the operator can cost one euro each SMS.

Google specifies in the description of the application that Google Voice is only available in the US , but it does not make sense that from other countries it can be downloaded and less than now if you let it activate your number without noticing that it is going to send a SMS to the USA . Hopefully Google will not be late in solving this problem so that more people outside the USA do not take the scare on the bill.

Google Voice is also capable of archiving and searching all SMS text messages that have been received or sent in the mail.

Google Voice support Phone Support

Users can also call numbers in the US for free, while they can reduce the cost of international calls, as well as access the Goog-411 phone support directory more easily.

Our Google Voice support number provides a solution for all the issues related to Google Voice calls. We have a team of experts who provide you Google Voice customer service at 24/7 hrs. So if you have any issue related to Google Voice then all at our support number.

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