Goldbelly : On toes even in pandemic

When the global pandemic hit, everybody was struggling to survive. Like thousands of restaurants, Di Fara, one of New York’s pizza joints, was also stuck in the same situation during the global pandemic. The question they were struggling with was how to get customers when they could not leave their houses.

They came up with an idea to provide contactless delivery of frozen pieces of the classic pie across the country. For this, the eateries needed to find some e-commerce platform to help them out, so they shook hands with the 8-year old eCommerce platform, Goldbelly. The rational problem-solving move increased the company’s sales so much that Di Fara had to convert its second location into a food hall and essentially became the product line of Goldbelly.

Because of the pandemic, many people lost their jobs, and companies were also not in a position to pay. While many restaurants had to lay off their employees, Di Fara was able to successfully avoid layoffs. Margaret Mieles, the daughter of Di Fara’s founder, credits Goldbelly with the fact that they were one of the few organisations in the food industry that could survive the pandemic.

That’s just one example of a person who was rescued by Goldenbelly. It is not just the iconic pizzerias that have relied on the company to survive lockdown. Around 850 restaurants sell food on Goldbelly’s platform. Of these, 400 restaurants joined after the pandemic hit. Godenbelly has revealed recently that the company got a raise of $100 million in new funding, as per Goldbelly US $100 million seriesmercedyorktimes.

Goldbelly was found in San Francisco in the year 2013. It charges a fee accordingly and provides the boxes and cold packs for shipping orders to restaurants and helps them ship directly from their premises. Goldbelly’s co-founder and chief executive, confirms and claims that they are the first platform for food eCommerce for restaurants and food-makers. In the beginning, they used to offer foods like deep-dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s in Chicago and Texas-style brisket from the Salt Lick in Austin.

Their motive is to open up a 3,000-mile radius for restaurants. The funds they are getting will help them to expand their at-home dining options during and post-pandemic.

Goldbelly has great feedback as it has a consumer rating of 4.75 stars from 25,791 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Goldbelly most frequently mention perfect condition, customer service, and on-time delivery. Goldbelly ranks 1st among food delivery sites.

Online ordering is often quoted as great! which can be done with a simple click. Goldbelly, make sure to arrive on time. They also provide rewards to their customers, which they can use with their next purchases.

Customers earn points every time they shop directly on 10 points are earned for every dollar people spend on Once the food has been served, customers can redeem their points for mouth-watering discounts. There is a trick also. If you purchase at least once every 12 months, then your points will never expire. The only condition is that, to use rewards on a Goldbelly purchase, the order must be a minimum of $50 and you can only use ONE reward at a time.

The procedure to redeem your reward points is also super simple. Just log in to your account on Then add an item or more to your cart. Once your cart is ready, click on “Check Out”. At the top of “Your Cart” right side menu, you will see an icon with your total Belly Reward Points and a “+”. Click on this icon to reveal the eligible rewards that you can redeem for this purchase. Once you click on a reward and select “Redeem,” it will be applied to your order. But always keep in mind that rewards points are added to your account once an order you place has shipped. If you do not see points getting applied to your order, please reach out to for assistance.

Now there are many similar companies providing the same facilities but amongst all Goldbelly’s top competitors include Plated, Home Chef, NutriBees and Callia. Goldbelly is an online platform for specialty food makers and artisans. Plated (also known as DineInFresh) home-delivers 30-minute gourmet recipes and ingredients.

We will definitely be believing that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Most of us would agree it’s true. Food has all the abilities to eliminate all the differences in a blink. A bite of a pie will take  you back to your school days and your childhood . Goldbelly is trying to collect those memories again as they pack up and move to your doors serving those nostalgic bites. Whatever the connection, wouldn’t it be t lovely if you could experience your favorite meals from local, regional eateries no matter where you are? Even the pandemic cant beat the dedication of goldbelly to serve you with the mouth watering dishes you crave for.

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