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The Wayfinder navigation system works on phones with Symbian operating system and Bluetooth connectivity, such as those of the Nokia 6 series, the Nokia 7650, 6600 or the 3650, along with a GPS equipped with Bluetooth. Unlike the navigation systems installed in cars that use CD-ROM or DVD, Wayfinder uses powerful software based on a server on the Internet, capable of calculating thousands of routes and searches per second. The server stores maps, points of interest, information about companies and updated traffic information.

The maps do not reside on the card, but are downloaded automatically through a GPRS connection. This has an advantage, which is the permanent updating of the cartography throughout Europe without having to worry about anything, including the update of traffic incidents, black spots, etc

Wayfinder Power Search

Wayfinder Power Search for iPhone and iPod Touch is a powerful search tool that offers more than 100 million points of interest, such as restaurants, hotels, bars or museums, through a simple Internet interface. The results it generates are accompanied by images, detailed descriptions and other information about these establishments and many more. This information comes from the Wayfinder collaborators, such as Tele Atlas, Wcities and the yellow and white pages of the different countries.

In order for the software to work, you will need an essential complement, which is a Bluetooth GPS. The WayFinder Euro Navigator starter kit includes a feeder for several countries and for the car, support and the Bluetooth GPS from Emtac, which is a very flat model and suitable to carry over without bothering, although in a bag the switch could be operated. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that cannot be changed without disassembling the case.

Wayfinder expands the geographical coverage of its mobile maps

Wayfinder has expanded its geographical coverage by presenting its sound navigation guide with 21 new countries. Designed as a map service for navigation and location, Wayfinder is compatible with all the most common platforms and operating systems for mobile devices: Java, Symbian, Linux and Windows Mobile. In this way, Wayfinder applications are fully functional in a wide range of mobile phones of all types of manufacturers.

For this, the developer has partnered with the main map providers, including TeleAtlas and Navteq, to always guarantee the most up-to-date maps and the highest coverage in each country.

In order to achieve greater internationalization, Wayfinder solutions, especially the Navigator program, are available on the web.

Advantages over other Navigation systems

• The user simply places the card under the battery of his mobile phone, and the WayfinderEuroNavigator is immediately operational and ready to be used.
• The user can decide how to use the information on his mobile phone. The data is supplied as voice instructions, color screen with turn-by-turn pictograms, or as mobile or dynamic maps.
• As the Navigator is an Off-Board system, it is not necessary to recalculate the routes in a border or between two regions. Navigation continues uninterrupted across national borders. When the user calculates a route, he obtains updated information based on Tele Atlas maps.

Technical help for the Wayfinder

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