Find help at Sony vaio

The priority of technical service specialist Sony Vaio is to offer a fast, comfortable and efficient service with full coverage, being aware of the level of demand of users of laptop or desktop Sony Vaio.

Computer repair company Sony Vaio takes care of the entire process of repairing your computer without you having to move from home. We have a customer assistance telephone service that will process the collection of your equipment through a fast, safe and free messaging service. You will get best services between 24 and 48 hours, the technicians will review the equipment and prepare a completely free quote without any commitment.

In specialist service Sony Vaio repair all kinds of problems, both hardware and software: spill of liquids, failures in the start, slow operation of the equipment, screen breakage, wet equipment, keyboard replacement, replacement of buttons control (volume, start-up …), change of covers, reinstallation of the operating system, graphic chip, short circuit, dc jack, current, cooling system, fans, replacement of hard disk, repair of motherboard and much more. We have a Sony vaio tech support numberthat will handle the management of your repair comfortably and quickly without you having to worry about anything. Our coverage reaches all municipalities, if you think your city will be left unattended, with Sony Vaio specialist technical service will not happen.

Repair and Maintenance Services

We have specialized technicians and certified expert in maintenance, repair and technical support service. Our laboratories for the provision of technical support for laptops SONY VAIO , our robust infrastructure maintenance services , sale and distribution of spare parts for laptops , and expert consultants in technology, are our main competitive advantage that make our services of support and maintenance of SONY VAIO laptops , one of the best in the country.

Our advisors at our sony vaio customer service numberare always ready to assist you, they have training not only at a technological level, but also in the management of interpersonal relations, all in order to offer you the best service both in the sale and in the after- sales process for the technical service of your computers. Portable, whether these are home or corporate laptops in Colombia. Remember that for us, you are not a customer anymore; in fact you are a great ally of our organization.

Advantages of the technical support service

Unlike other companies, we are technical support service offers the following advantages in its services:

• Hardware technical support. Internal and external cleaning of computer equipment (computers / Laptops / Printers / Servers)
• Update and installation of computer programs required for computer hardware.
• Technical support in Software.
• Computer equipment diagnosis.
• Team’s resume (s). (Computers / Laptops / Printers / Servers).
• We install devices and train our customers in the most appropriate way so that they use their equipment with maximum potential.