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Not only our bodies, but also our energy gets elevated when you opt for Dance Flooring, from us, The Sprung, for dancing. You can suffer from body and joint pains, and not to mention, injuries, if you keep on dancing on hard surfaces for hours on end. Wondering Why? Because the shock of landing jumps cannot be considerably absorbed by Dance Flooring which has no spring technology and also cannot provide you with the extra spring that you require to bounce back without putting much efforts on your joints.

Sprung supply both Area Elastic and Point Elastic options for various dance styles and disciplines. Available in wood or vinyl, our ranges are Multi-Functional, exceptionally durable, can be reused from venue to venue and look fantastic. Suitable for all dance types including Tap.

How purchasing Dance Flooring from us, the Sprung, can benefit you as a dancer?

Just scroll through to find out how Dance Flooring from Sprung,can prove beneficial both for your body as well as your dance career.

According to studies, a force of 3.5 times of your body weight is exerted on your joints when you land a jump while dancing. This is the prime reason why dancers experience so much soreness and joint pain.

But, you can actually help to protect your joints, when you choose to dance on Dance Flooring. That your body does not have to tolerate with the landing forces, for that reason, our foam blocks absorbs 70% of the landing forces. Thus, you can rest assured that your joints aren’t damaged by those grand jetes and changements, when you opt for Dance Flooring from Sprung.

Throughout your dancing career, you might have experienced joint pain, foot pain, back injuries, tendonitis, or myofasciitis, at least one, or maybe even multiples of them. Your body absorbs the shock and simply pesters your muscles and joints, if you keep on dancing on hard surfaces for several hours a day. Thus, you are bound to suffer from injuries that could potentially shorten your career if you keep on dancing on hard surfaces day after day, month after month, and eventually, year after year.

But, when you choose Dance Flooring from us, the Sprung, you can greatly reduce the risk of these types of injuries. Our Dance Flooring absorbs the majority shock for you, instead of completely leaving it to your body and joints.

You will be surprised to know but you can actually reduce your lethargy when you choose to dance on Dance Flooring, The energy you expend to get through those long dancing days, can well be returned by the Dance Flooring. After just one day of dancing on our floors, customers have reported that they feel less tired compared to the time when they danced on hard surfaces,

Shop for High-quality Dance Flooring

There’s a specific requirement for flooring when it comes to Dance Studios. It needs to be a sprung floor system to aid performance, protect against injury and be comfortable to practice on. We offer high quality and affordable sprung flooring solutions to suit all types of dance and personal preference.

Our EU Approved Point Elastic and Area Elastic systems deliver optimal performance standards, slip resistance and shock absorbency, are simple to install and competitively priced.

We supply both wood and vinyl products that are available in various colours, species and thicknesses for all levels and types of installation.
To know more about our products or if you have any queries, feel free to contact us at the below mentioned contact numbers.

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