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As the environment of cyber threats evolves, protection against such threats must also develop. With the emergence of targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats, it is clear that a new approach to cyber security needs to be used. Traditional techniques are simply no longer adequate to protect data against cyber-attacks.

The advanced persistent threats (APT) and targeted attacks have demonstrated their ability to penetrate defences and safety standards remain hidden for months while subtracted valuable data or carry out destructive actions. Many of the companies one can trust are some of the main objectives: financial institutions, health organizations and large retailers, among others.

Comodo Safety Guard

Comodo Personal Firewall allows you to secure your system against attacks of all kinds, such as viruses, Trojans, hacker attacks or any other malicious software that may have entered your PC. You can control in detail the applications that have access to the Internet. , create specific rules for some of them; monitor the traffic of your connection in real time to detect possible bottlenecks and much more. The program will show you alerts of all connection attempts established with your machine (both input and output), which will allow you to monitor all applications and detect fraudulent or unexpected uses of the network.

One of the essential applications when using a computer system, especially if we connect to the Internet from it, is an antivirus system or security software. However, a conventional antivirus with a signature-based engine does not protect us from zero-day malware, the most dangerous type of malware, especially in the face of companies, who need a security department and a series of forensic analysis tools. A very high price) to be able to protect yourself from this malware. Now, the security company Comodo wants to end this. One can get more info about Comodo Personal Firewall at comodo support number

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

The future of computer security goes through the “block everything” rule like Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

The new Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection uses the rule to block everything by default. In this way, all the programs and processes that are going to be executed or loaded into the memory must first pass the forensic analysis of the tool so that it can be deduced if they are totally reliable files (and, only then, they are executed) or suspicion that he can hide something inside him (leaving him blocked and asking for intervention from the administrator).

The malware is becoming more complex, in all aspects, and each time it is more difficult for security companies to identify it in the first moments of its activity due to the complete obfuscation techniques and the systems that prevent the malware from being analyzed.

Although at the moment the most prestigious security solutions hold up, it is not unreasonable to think that in the coming years they will begin to use a system in which everything is blocked by default unless it expressly receives the approval of the security tool (which is known as “white list”) as does the new forensic analysis tool Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection.

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