CMU Sphinx : Key Features, Download, Installation Instructions and Support Number

One of the technologies that promise the most in the revolution of the user interface for years is that of voice recognition. The great ones of computer science have tried to advance in a land that nevertheless does not finish curdling between the great public, because the solutions are not the efficient that we would like.

It is a high-resolution speech recognition system originally developed by Xuedong Huang at Carnegie Mellon, who released his code as free software with a BSD license. Sphinx 2 focuses on voice recognition in real time, is suitable for spoken language applications. It incorporates functions such as, the aim at the end, the generation of partial hypotheses, and the dynamic change of the language model, among others. It is used in dialogue systems and language learning systems.

Key Features of CMU Sphinx

  • State of art speech recognition algorithms for well-organized speech recognition. CMU Sphinx tools are designed purposely for low resource platforms
  • Flexible in design
  • Center on practical application development and not on investigate
  • Support for a number of languages like English, French, Mandarin, German, Dutch, Russian and ability to put up a models for others
  • BSD-like license which allows commercial distribution
  • Business support
  • Active development and release schedule
  • Active community
  • Broad range of tools for a lot of speech-recognition related purposes
  • Keyword spotting, alignment, pronunciation evaluation
  • Easy to contact at CMU Sphinx support number

The CMU Sphinx tool kit is a speech recognition tool kit with a variety of tools which are used to construct speech applications; it has a number of correspondences for different jobs and use. We only make use of the first two packages of the list, but in order to make the discussion more complete as possible all the packages are going to be presented:

• Pocketsphinx: a known program design in C language
• Sphinxbase: a hold up library which is necessary by Pocketsphinx.
• Sphinx4: an adaptable, variable recognizer written in Java language.
• CMU Sphinx: a tool to simply make a language model.
• Sphinx train: an audio model guidance tool.
• Sphinx3: a decoder for speech recognition investigates design in C language.

Sphinx download and installation Instructions

. As previously said in this report only the Windows configuration will be extravagant even if the Linux-like systems are the recommended ones.
To install Pocketsphinx, one needs to install both Pocketsphinx and Sphinxbase. The installation steps are the following:
• Open “sphinxbase.sln” located in the sphinxbase directory with Visual Studio.
• Compile all the projects.
• load “pocketsphinx.sln” in the pocket sphinx directory.

If you still face any issue related to usages of this software then contact at CMU Sphinx customer care