Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Web hosting has been a growing market in the recent years. Cloudways Web Hosting is one of the top web hosting companies from past few years. Cloudways was founded in 2011 by Rohit Gupta, Hari Om Rai and Ajay Kumar, Cloudways provides performance-driven cloud hosting solution to websites which aim for high traffic volume and exceptional user experience.

Cloudways is a managed VPS Cloud Hosting provider that offers proven technology backed up with unmatched customer support. Cloudways has two plans:

Cloud Platforms Supported by Cloudways:

Cloudways allows you to host your website on most popular cloud platforms such as DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Vultr, Linode and Kyup.

Server Configuration at Cloudways:

Typically when you use Cloudways Cloud Platform, Cloudways provides cloud servers with solid-state drives (SSD). Cloudways Cloud servers are configured with RAM of 1 GB to 8 GB. Cloudways manages all server configuration including the OS level which is helpful in avoiding any issues with app’s installation and compatibility on Linux/Windows Server.

Cloudways also offers dedicated resources, free SSL certificates that are activated within minutes, backups for disaster recovery, multiple geographic locations around the globe along with one-click staging area for testing prior to applying changes live on your website.

Best Features of Cloudways:

1) Staging Area & One Click Installation:

Staging area allows you to test new functions on a separate clone first before making them live on your website. Cloudways allows you to create one staging version for each website thus giving you the ability to test different functions before applying them live with just one click. Cloudways Cloud server includes Cloudways Platform, Cloudways API which can be used for controlling all Cloud servers from single master server using Command line interface (CLI).

2) Real Time Server Monitoring:

Cloudways provides real-time performance statistics on high detailed graphs that are stored online. Cloudways uses sophisticated cloud computing techniques to ensure that your business runs smoothly even if some of your virtual machines go offline unexpectedly.

CloudWAYS monitors more than 30 server metrics including CPU, Memory Utilization, Hard Drive Read/Write Speed and Network Usage etc.. With this it can also monitor disk usage, server resources, website traffic and bandwidth in real time & can help in predicting any issues in advance. Cloudways has the ability to send system reports in an email when anomalies are detected using Cloudways platform which is helpful in preventing downtimes.

3) Cloudways API:

CloudWAYS Platform comes with Cloudways API that powers Cloudways entire cloud hosting solution. Cloud platforms are controlled via command line interface thus giving you complete control on your Cloud Servers including installation of SSLs/Apps/Backups etc..

CloudWays also provides “push-button” cloning capability to deploy multiple copies of servers within minutes for testing various configurations for analyzing their performance. By combining automatic scaling and load balancing technologies with server cloning, CloudWays can create a clone in milliseconds to allow Cloudways engineers and customer support team to fully analyze the performance related issues.

CloudWays Cloud Platform comes with CloudAPI that when combined with Cloudways API provides a full range of automation capabilities such as provisioning, deployment, configuration management and monitoring at Cloud level (OS level). Cloud APIs are the key for Cloudways automated operations.

4) Automatic Scaling:

CloudWAYS gives its customers the ability to automatically scale their websites upward or downward within seconds through an easy-to-use web interface. Clients can do this manually by moving a slider up or down on a control panel page or set specific rules using cron jobs which will automatically adjust server configurations according to conditions you have set during night time only etc..

CloudWAYS Cloud servers are capable of automatically scaling based on the user traffic. CloudWAYS provides its customers with flexibility to scale their websites upward or downward depending upon need without any downtime, loss in database or files etc..CloudWays Cloud Servers offer automatic load balancers that help users in deploying staging website on Cloudways for testing purposes and then activate changes instantly when they’re ready to be implemented live on their website.

5) 24×7 Customer Support:

Cloudways offers round-the-clock customer support via email and phone to assist users who face any issues. CloudWAYS experts can remotely connect your server for troubleshooting problems that might arise due to connectivity issue between servers and host servers.

CloudWAYs also offers free tutorials such as Free WordPress Tutorials, Magento Tutorials & PHP Tutorials to help you in learning Cloudway system. CloudWAYS Cloud Server customer support will never be out of reach through Cloudways 24/7 email and telephone support. CloudWays offers free tutorials such as WordPress Tutorial, Magento Tutorial etc.. which helps new users understand Cloudways easily and quickly.


CloudWAYs provides hosting on cloud servers with full root access at a very affordable price and is an easy and flexible option for folks who want complete control over their server instances without needing to worry about the technicalities involved! CloudWAYS customers can try Cloud Servers for FREE i.e. no credit card required for signup or trial period of days (after trial period CloudWAYS Cloud platform will be charged at normal rates depending upon the Cloudways plan you have chosen).
CloudWays Cloud Servers provide a complete control on server management and CloudWAYs Cloud Platform comes with Cloud APIs that give users an option to create their own automated tools which can automate Cloud Server operations.

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A Complete Beginners Guide To Setup LAMP Server Instantly On Cloudways Using 1-Click Application Installer
So, if you don’t want to go through all of the trouble then signup for CloudWAYS and enjoy! [ARTICLE END] Hope this article was helpful in providing knowledge about CloudWAYS Web Hosting.

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