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Influencer marketing has become a common means of achieving marketing goals.

This is due to the wide reach that influencers have on social media.

With their opinions and product recommendations, they influence the thinking and buying behavior of numerous followers.

The concept of “corporate influencer marketing”, on the other hand, is not yet used by so many companies, but is currently on the rise – and not without reason.

We explain to you why the use of corporate influencers can be an absolute opportunity for your company to gain more reach and attention and to strengthen the areas of human resources, marketing and internal communication.


According to businesspally magazine, Corporate influencers are employees who show insights into their working world and represent the company.

In principle, every employee who appears to be associated with the company is a corporate influencer if they comment on their work, the company or its products.

On the other hand, an official corporate influencer is someone who acts on the official behalf of the company.
He slips into the role of the company ambassador. This can be offline, for example as a speaker at trade fairs and events, or online.

Social media plays a special role in this . The employees post content on their private accounts, with the content dealing with work in the company.


The benefit lies in the credibility of the employees’ contributions, which has positive effects in many respects.
Corporate influencer marketing has particularly positive effects on recruiting employees, says chaktty.
The awareness of your company and consequently the sale of your products as well as on corporate culture.

Corporate Influencers and Recruiting:

Through authentic contributions from everyday work and a personal network of employees, potential applicants are addressed and the attractiveness of the employer can also be significantly increased through personal stories from the workplace.

In addition, a target group-specific approach is simplified.

For example, if you are looking for new trainees, there is a trainee blog or an Instagram, in which your employees report on their everyday work, a good opportunity to recruit young, motivated junior staff.

You can get a realistic impression of the activities and the work mentality, tech pally boss.

Are you looking for skilled workers? Encourage your employees to talk about work in their personal circle and on their social media accounts, such as LinkedIn or Xing to become active.

They are welcome to write articles that are particularly interesting due to their expertise on behalf of the company and share them on their own pages or in specialist groups.

In this way, potential applicants become aware of your company and your know-how, which means that they want to be part of your company in order to impress themselves with the outstanding quality of work in the future.

Corporate influencers and marketing:

According to Techpally business, For marketing and sales, the use of employees as influencers is a suitable tool to draw attention to the company in general and thus increase visibility and generate reach.

The result will be increased traffic to your website and increased sales.

Do you have a newsletter or blog?? You will certainly be happy about a higher number of subscribers in these areas as well.

The aim of corporate influencer marketing is in particular to achieve credibility through an honest and open appearance by employees.

If your employees are convinced of your products and present them or report on their production and background, the followers will be interested in buying your products.

In the areas of marketing and sales, the personal networks of employees also play an important role. In order to achieve the above results, employee activity on social media counts.

They can share, like and comment on your company’s posts or create their own posts, which continuously shows the company’s presence.

Followers have faith in the statements of those they follow. That is why the posts of the corporate influencer are highly relevant for their network.

As a result, the reach of the posts should not be underestimated – even if the number of followers is not particularly high.

The motto here is:

quality before quantity. In addition, many small networks lead to a large overall network.
The activity of the corporate influencer can therefore increase brand attractiveness and product awareness as well as convey corporate messages.

Last but not least, new potential customers are addressed in this way, which can boost sales.
You already know these effects from influencer marketing. The difference now is that your own employees become the influencers of your company.

Corporate influencers and corporate culture:

In addition to marketing purposes and recruiting, your own corporate culture can of course also be positively influenced by corporate influencers.

The employees “burn” for their company, experience appreciation and are shown additional trust.
In addition, the feeling of belonging to the company is strengthened by the increased commitment of the employees.

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