Ava Berlin Renner Bio, Age, Father and Net worth

Ava Berlin Renner is Jeremy Renner’s daughter. Name: Ava Berlin Renner. Ava was born to Jeremy and Sonni Pacheco, his first wife. Ava’s parents were married from 2011–2015. Despite her popularity and millions, Berlin’s parents treat her like any other child. Their relationship suffers.

She’s always been her parents’ prize. Renner and his ex-wife are doing everything possible to keep Ava with one parent. Berlin’s parents seem to have realized that she needs both of them to be healthy and prosperous.

However, her custody struggle and connection with her parents are still important topics. While her parents defended her in court, numerous horrific incidents occurred.

Panama is among Ava Berlin Renner’s ancestries.

Ava Berlin was born 7 pounds on Thursday, March 28, 2013. Renner was filming American Hustle when she was born. Berlin’s father’s family is from Germany, Scotland, England, Ireland, Sweden, and Panama.

Renner’s maternal grandmother, Ava’s great-grandmother, was Panamanian and black. She was Jamaican. Her grandfather, Lee Renner (Renner’s father), operated Modesto’s McHenry Bowl in the 1980s.

Jeremy Renner Was Dropping the Golden Globes Ava’s Birth

Renner considered leaving the 2013 Golden Globes midway. He was about to become a father, and Pacheco’s water may break at any moment. Ava’s father kept this matter quiet at the award presentation, as he usually does.

The Endgame actor told Eva Longoria he had a child at the 2013 Golden Globes. Renner told Longoria, “I’ll fly in when her water breaks,” Us Weekly reported. “I’m so blown away,” the actress said, according to sources.

Berliner Parents-Renner Relationship

Renner’s parents, Jeremy and Sonni Pacheco met on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. They kept their relationship a secret until eight months after their wedding when Renner announced their engagement.

Ava’s mother, a Canadian model turned sculptor, was from Pitt Meadows. She married the father of her child in January 2014. Pacheco divorced Renner in December 2014, citing irreconcilable disagreements after a year of marriage.

Pitt Meadows native filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Pacheco, in her mid-20s, demanded spousal support, sole physical custody of their toddler, and shared legal custody, according to the records. After the divorce papers were filed, Sonni testified about Jeremy and herself. The ex-accusations wife’s included:

Ava Berlin Renner’s father bit her shoulder.

Berlin’s mother accused the baby’s father of biting her and causing a shoulder bruise during the custody struggle. Berlin’s mother said it happened. Ava, then six years old, told Pacheco, “Daddy bit me,” after she found the mark on her in April 2017.

Renner’s daughter alleged in court filings that. I promise, Mommy. I advised him against repeating that behaviour. Ava recounted how she was bitten by her actor father when he yelled disrespectfully. Hawkeye’s actor denied responsibility for the bruise, saying Ava’s seat belt “pinched” her.

Berliner Renner’s parents frequently fought while in custody.

As expected of a separated couple, Renner and Pacheco did everything they could to get exclusive custody of their daughter, Ava. They couldn’t agree. They often sacrificed everything to ensure complete control of their daughter.

Ava’s mother said Renner was a truant, drug user, abusive, threatening to one who missed on child support and stole her passport. Renner stole Ava’s passport. Berlin’s Canadian mother informed their babysitter that Renner had left cocaine on a bathroom counter for their daughter.

Sonni told the police that their nanny overheard Jeremy say that he was heading to her house to kill her and then kill himself. In 2018, Renner reportedly shot off his Los Angeles home’s ceiling. To commit himself, the actor allegedly held a gun to his mouth in front of his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco. Berlin, his daughter, was asleep.

Berlin’s Hollywood father said their daughter’s mother did not foster her development. The actor accused her of smoking and drinking in front of their kid, misusing money, and allowing Ava to suffer psychologically. He also accused her of abandoning Ava to suffer psychologically. Despite Renner’s drug test and calling a psychiatrist, they couldn’t agree on their child’s treatment.

Jeremy Renner says Ava is closer to her father. Himself

Pacheco and Renner may never agree to pass the baton to determine their daughter’s favorite. In several interviews, Renner wants people to think he’s his daughter’s first choice.
The American Hustle actor has discussed his daughter on most chat shows.

Jeremy Renner called his firstborn daughter “amazing” and a daddy’s darling on Live! With Kelly and Michael in December 2013. The 50-year-old actor said he tries not to be away from his kid for too long. Renner stated, “I won’t do it if I won’t see her. I don’t mind. I’ll try. I only think of Daddy and Ava.

Ava’s health and happiness have always been the actor’s top priorities. Now too. Most of these were against his former partner’s assertions that he was an absent father, abusive, and delinquent in child support.

Renner’s Instagram picture suggests Ava enjoys spending time with her father. The cute photos Jeremy has taken of Ava doing her nails, and their vacations show that Jeremy enjoys spending time with his daughter. Ava was his 2017 Oscars date.

Is Ava’s Mother Taking Her Trust Fund Money?

According to May 2020 court filings, Pacheco, Ava Berlin’s mother, transferred $50,000 from her daughter’s trust fund to her bank account over two years. Berlin’s father, Jeremy, accused her of borrowing $10,000 more while pregnant.

The sculptor Pacheco revealed to her child’s biological father’s business manager that she had transferred over $50,000 from her daughter’s account to her own. She said she needed the money to survive and purchase her daughter’s birthday gift bags, Christmas presents, and other items for her impending birthday.

Berlin’s sculptor mother spent all her savings on attorneys and child custody evaluators, leaving her little money for her kid. She claimed that the $10,000 was for property taxes in court records.

The Canadian model-turned-artisan defended herself by saying that Ava’s father’s “disturbing actions” in front of their daughter forced her to spend the fund money. Ava Berlin’s mother’s usage of her daughter’s money is puzzling.

Berlin’s mother added that her daughter’s father’s activities throughout the custody dispute led her to spend money on additional bills. Pacheco also had to pay for legal representation, child custody review and planned parent coordinator services.

Jeremy’s daughter’s mother stated, “This is NOT a cheap alternative.”Her rocky connection with The Avengers actor has turned off many of her clientele.

Does Her Father Want Ava Berlin Renner To Be A Child Actress?

In 2018, the Californian actor’s father told the Independent that he would stay home with Ava if he could. He envied stay-at-home dads. Jeremy also stated that Ava should not act. The Californian said, “She doesn’t need to witness anything I do.

She won’t mess with my job. She has worked on several film sets. However, she shouldn’t see my work. I’m unconcerned if she does. “Ava Berlin’s father thinks she’ll struggle to find a mate. The Wind River star says his only thought when he’s not with his child is,

Where is my nursery entrance? I need to see her ASAP because I can’t tolerate it. Ava’s father says he’s changed since she was born. He’s currently ensuring Berlin’s future. Despite his enjoyment of parenting, Ava may not be in the future. “Make it exceedingly tough for her to meet a man,” Jeremy has stated as a dad.

Ava Renner Ava Berlin Renner, a multimillionaire heir.

Born into Hollywood stardom, let alone the children of blockbuster movie stars, is undoubtedly lucky. Since the 2010s, Marvel’s box office success has been discussed. Their large stakes have made them household names, multimillionaires, and Hollywood’s highest-paid performers.

Thus, Marvel Cinematics has contributed to Renner’s $80 million net worth. Since Ava is her father’s only child, she has received several silver spoons and will presumably continue to live comfortably.

Quick Know About Ava Berlin Renner

Born: 2013 (age 9 years)
Parents: Jeremy Renner, Sonni Pacheco
Uncles: Kyle Renner, Clayton Renner
Grandparents: Valerie Cearley, Lee Renner
Aunts: Nicky Emens, Kym Renner

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