A powerful, compact smartphone that’s capable of performing all your tasks, and more– the stunning Apple iPhone 12 mini

If you’re looking for a smartphone from Apple, but don’t want something huge; Apple has come up with the Apple iPhone 12 mini. These Apple mobiles are more compact than the usual models. After using the Apple iPhone 12 mini for some time, you would realize that it is an extremely handy device that includes time-saving and useful features.

Display and size:

The Apple iPhone 12 mini is 64.2 mm in width and 131.5 mm in height. Despite being small, these Apple mobiles are super sturdy, thanks to Apple’s newest Ceramic Shield technology. The display features a multi-touch, capacitive 5.4 inches widescreen with an OLED display. The screen resolution is 1080 x 2340 pixels. 

Connectivity & Operating System :

The Apple iPhone 12 mini supports GSM/EDGE, has Wi-Fi 802.11, ax/b/g/n, Bluetooth v5.0, and 5G data connectivity. This phone has a 12 MP dual-camera camera system which comfortably maintains video setups MPEG-4 video up to 2.5 Mbps, stereo audio in mp4 m4v, and MOV file formats. The Apple iPhone 12 mini is sold with stereo earphones with an in-built microphone. Furthermore, the device has Protected AAC, audio formats AAC, WAV, MP3 VBR, AIFF, and Apple Lossless. 

Battery life:

These Apple mobiles have in-built rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which offer video playback of up to seven hours. However, the battery life is determined by various factors. For example, cellular network, EDGE connectivity, location, sign 3.5 mm strength, usage, feature configuration, and so on affect the battery life. 

The ease of usage:

The Apple iPhone 12 mini is without a doubt a highly functional cell phone. Apple enhances the performance of its smartphones even further by offering a few convenient upgrades. For example, the turbo wireless charging, snap-onMagSafe charger case, and five new colourways to choose from are some of the perks. 

The Apple iPhone 12 mini performs brilliantly when it is used to capture photos or videos. These Apple mobiles are especially popular with the Gen-Z users that appreciate the ability to easily click professional quality pictures, owing to the six creative lighting effects that are available. These effects are the Studio Light, Natural Light variations, High-Key Light Mono settings. 

A14 Bionic Chip Performance:

The Apple iPhone 12 mini has 4GB RAM and 2020’s fastest processor, the A14 Bionic chip that’s available for smartphones. The phone might be small. But it is a powerful beast. Users can multitask without any lag, shoot in Dolby Vision, all this whilst making the phone’s battery work much more efficiently. All 4 models from this year’s lineup used the same chipset. 

iOS 14.2:

iOS 14.2 is the operating system that was available until the new launch in 2021. The iOS 14.2 was available to every iPhone model, right from the 6S to the latest iPhone 12. This iOS is fully loaded with shortcuts that are supremely convenient and efficient. Users have also reported that the Safari app is much more responsive and works quicker in the iOS 14 version.


Just like the iPhone 12, the Apple iPhone 12 mini has a front-facing camera and a 12 MP dual rear camera system. The dual-camera system offers Wide and Ultra Wide cameras, both of which support the Night mode, which is ideal for capturing photos in a low-light setting. The Night mode turns on automatically, enabling Apple iPhone 12 mini users to always maintain image brightness and clarity. The phone supports JPEG and HEIF formats, offers impressively advanced red-eye correction, 5x digital zoom, and 2x optical zoom options. 

Storage and retail price:

The Apple iPhone 12 mini comes in three storage variants: the most affordable option being the 64GB one, and the Apple mobiles price in India is ₹45,198.00. This variant is good enough if your usage is basic and you don’t store numerous photos and videos, music, movies and/or play many games. The other two variants have storage of 128GB and 256GB, costing ₹50,198.00 and ₹60,198.00 respectively.

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